T Shirt
Custom T-shirts for clubs and organizations have become very popular. For that reason, we offer some advice on how to have the perfect shirt for the perfect subject.

How to customize the shirt?
To create the best shirt, follow the steps below:

Choose the type of shirt that best suits your needs. We offer short sleeves, suspenders and long sleeve tees. Hint: keep in mind what the shirt is for and what activities may be done wearing that shirt.

Choose the color of the shirt that you like the most. The color you choose can really make a statement. Once you have chosen the type of shirt, you must start to personalize it with a color. Hint: Summer always asks for more cheerful colors, while winter invites darker tones.

Create a design/logo. When the type of shirt and the color is already finalized, it is time to think about the design for the shirt. First, decide if the pattern will be only with text and drawing. Generally, the vast majority of supporters opt for the second option. There are many clubs that have their own logo: in that case, you have to add it on the shirt.

Shirt ideas for other events


A very common option in large groups is to personalize the shirt on the front with the name of the club and its own logo. Meanwhile, the back of the shirt is personalized with the names of all the members and an image with the reasons for the party they will be attending.

For Fun

Of course, a club may also want to buy personalized shirts so that all its members can wear them throughout the year. One of the most demanded options are t-shirts with funny messages. Some ideas are: “I do not need Google. My wife knows everything “,” I never forget a face. But with you I will make an exception “,” I have closed more bars than the Ministry of Health “… The options are endless! Hint: shirts with funny messages are usually stamped on the front of the shirt.


Most athletes have a very strong bond with their team, and their supporters will not be any less. For this reason, on many occasions, the name of the club in question and its logo are stamped on the front. On the back, the name of each member along with a number, as in football or basketball shirts.

To choose the number that each of the members of the club will wear on their personalized shirt, you can start from number 1 for the member who has been in the club the longest and go from this to the highest age.

Choosing the personalized shirts on online Virtual shopping Store requires the consensus of the group. Keep in mind that the charm of this type of garment is that all members are equal, so they must adapt to the tastes and preferences of all people who are part of the group.

Surely with the tips and ideas that we have given you to customize shirts for clubs/organizations/teams, it will be much easier to create a shirt perfect for the group. Good luck!