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Any occasion is a good reason to buy a diamond jewelry for a loved one: from her birthday to Mother’s Day or why not think of a totally unexpected gift? It does not always need a reason. Diamonds are not bought every day, so it is a serious process, where personal style and taste must be taken into account. But it is more than that. Therefore, St Thomas Jeweler gives you some tips to simplify the search for the perfect diamond jewelry.

Buy what she wants, not what you like

House Of Rajah Retail Jewelers St Thomas Shopping

The biggest mistake of men, is that they focus on looking for something that they like to see. However, they buy a jewelry of diamonds for her, and not for them. A jewel is an extension of the personality. Check therefore what she likes. What do you like? What style do you have? Classic? Vintage? Or does it stand out for its outlandish outfits? By surprising her with a diamond jewelry that matches her style and personal taste, you show that you know her very well. And that’s what she appreciates.

Take a look at your jeweler

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When you see your jeweler, you have an idea of ​​what he likes. But think about how you combine your diamond jewelry or what your collection is missing.

Pay attention when you go shopping

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Women give all kinds of clues when they go to St Thomas Shopping. Their breathing accelerates, they sound excited, their eyes shine, etc. In summary, body language is very important. Women also dare to give some more direct advice. Observe it, but never show that you are looking for a diamond jewelry to surprise her.

Listen out

Listen to her. This is perhaps the best advice we can give you. Just like when they go shopping, during the day to day they usually give small clues of what they like. Of course, once again: observe it with great care!

Ask your best friend

If you are very lost, you can always ask for help. Your best friend is the perfect person to help you in the search for a diamond jewelry. You probably know much more, so you’ll have a better idea of ​​what you like or do not like.

Hopefully these tips will help you. However, if you need more help to buy a diamond jewel, do not hesitate to contact St Thomas Jewelry Stores.