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Nuptials, wedding, and engagements are an essential parts of everybody’s life. These events add more color to our life. A distinctive wedding is something that every couple strives to achieve. Some like big fat weddings with lots of guests, while others prefer simple and private ceremonies with close associates. However, weddings and associated events like engagements are very special to the bride and groom.

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So, if you want to cherish these moments forever, you can pen them down. Of course, there are different types of methods such as videography to store and cherish your favorite moments forever. This may be an article, and we’d appreciate it if you could give it to us in that form. If the article is unique and qualifies the needs of our blog, we will post it.

You can write to us about your special day mentioning everything unique about that day. We are looking for unique content and attractive images about nuptials, weddings, engagements, brides, grooms, wedding photography, real wedding receptions, wedding planning, marriage officiants, and wedding rings. We also welcome DIY Projects and unique content on any unions that would keep the readers on edge. We’d love to hear about your event, whether it was a low-budget affair, a wonderfully styled-themed event, or a highly fashionable contemporary occasion. You can write it in a simple fashion or a literary manner, but make sure to make it unique and plagiarism-free.

Please read and follow the guidelines properly before sending us your article.

Submission Requirements

For your submission, please include:

  1. 10-20 images of weddings along with images of shoots and projects undertaken. The images should not be less than 600 px in width and contain no frames and watermarks.
  2. Also, the images should contain the details of the venue, the bride and groom’s names, wedding date, and other ceremony and reception details.
  3. The images for the shoots and projects should contain the names of the people, profession, and location.
  4. You should submit a detailed description of your work, aims, and objectives. These details can be inclusive of any creative ideas or DIY details.
  5. No previously released information is posted on our site. You will be held liable if you have copyrighted content from other sources and published it on our website. Please provide us with real content that will appeal to our audience. Therefore, please make your content authentic and free of plagiarism.

How to submit your articles:

We will be very happy if you contribute content to US Digital Data. Please feel free to email us at If you have any queries regarding guest posting at US Digital Data, do let us know via the Contact Us form or at

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Each submission is carefully scrutinized and chosen whether it is a perfect match for our blog. Due to the volume of inquiries and submissions and the frequency of our articles, our response time might range from 2 to 4 days. In any case, we’ll make every effort to get in touch with you.