Muslim Marriage2

Today, we are talking about the typical type of a Muslim wedding. From the eve of the event to the day after the wedding, discover how a ceremony and a feast regulated by Islam are going. It should be noted that traditions and rituals may vary according to region, country and degree of belief of the future couple and their families. Here we will describe all Muslim Marriage Events Manchester.

Muslim Marriage2

Before thinking of getting married, there are some things to know. First of all, it is not possible for a Muslim to marry an atheist. However, the atheist can marry a woman of another religion and she will become Muslim by marriage. On the other hand, a Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim because according to Islamic law, it is the man who has authority over his family and the woman cannot be under the authority of a non-Muslim. Therefore, the couple’s children will have to be educated in respect of Muslim traditions.

You will understand that marriage has a very important event in the Muslim religion, and that it is a commitment that is more than sentimental. We are talking about a contract between a man and a woman. It is called “nikah” and is based, according to the Qur’an, on “the love and compassion that Allah has infused into the heart of man and woman so that they form a couple “.

Muslim Marriage

Whether she is a minor or a major, a woman who wants to marry for the first time must obtain the consent of her guardian (wali), the latter necessarily having to be a Muslim. If the guardian refuses this marriage, the young woman can then help a judge to be able to get married. Any Muslim couple can divorce and remarry even though it is thought of as “the most hated thing admitted of Allah

The husband must, to his future wife, pay a dowry the amount of which remains secret for people outside the couple. The latter is also called dower (mahr) and can be used even if the couple had to divorce. This dowry can have various forms: silver, jewelry or other.

The day before the wedding

The eve of the wedding is a very important ceremony for future brides: The henna ceremony. In the case of an Oriental wedding, this step is very important and is sometimes perceived as a party similar to the bachelor party. During this ceremony, the future bride is drawn on the hands and sometimes on the feet of the motifs to the various meanings and symbols. This is especially supposed to bring happiness and chase the evil eye. The future groom can do the same if he wishes. Henna, if it is 100% natural, will simply leave after a few showers in 15 days maximum.

This session takes place in an intimate setting, in the presence of important people and relatives. To know that the people who will make you the henna will propose to you decoration.


The ceremony must take place in front of two witnesses at least. Among them, men obligatorily, we will count the father or the brother of the bride.

The ceremony lasts about thirty minutes and can take place in various places: the town hall, the mosque, the home of the couple or the parents. It begins with praise to Allah during the Khutbah. When the Imam recites the prayer, women and men are separated. The ceremony continues with the reading of some verses of the Qur’an and is mentioned the dowry as part of the exchange of wishes between the woman and her future husband. Namely, this dowry symbolizes the figure of authority of the groom who is committed here to provide for the needs of his family. The couple can then exchange alliances and often follows the delivery of the marriage certificate.

And then?

Family and friends of the bride and groom celebrate on several days the union of the couple. The festivities begin with a large meal (walimah) and last at least a weekend. They can sometimes be done over 7 days!