How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Album

The perfect wedding album is the one that collects the most special moments of the wedding day and manages to transport who sees it to those instants that have lived or even makes people excited who were not able to get by looking at the snapshots.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Album

To achieve these premises, we recommend following tips for wedding photo albums design:

  1. Do not choose the photos of the album immediately after digital files delivery. The images must “rest”, because we do not see them with the same eyes the first or second time we enjoy them when they have passed a couple of weeks and we have shown them to our families or closest friends. Those photos that, after seeing those three or four times, continue to excite us, are the ones that should undoubtedly be in the wedding album.
  2. Do not get carried away by what they will say: The album is the memory of the wedding of those who have married, not parents or friends, so the absolute role should be of the newly married couple. If we try that all the guests have their site in our pages, it is more likely that the final result will be more similar to a sticker album than to a photobook.
  3. Beware of ornate designs: The most elegant and timeless wedding album is the most similar to the photo books known ascoffee table books. The photos come to life because they have their place and can “breathe” with whites that result in clean and harmonious pages. The ideal ratio is one photo per page. Although we recommend double-page the best photos of the posed and take a page for three or four photos of the same series.
  4. The album must have an internal coherence. Tell a story, and for this we must look for harmony in the design and especially in the development, alternating sheets in black and white with colored sheets.

    How To Choose The Perfect Wedding

  5. The album must pick up the most important moments of the wedding: There should be no preparations for the couple, arrival at the ceremony (with the face of emotion of the groom to see the bride arrive), rings, arras, exit of the ceremony (with the corresponding rice or confetti) and nuptial dance.
  6. It is essential to choose a professional studiofor the preparation of the wedding album. The bargains that are found at a click on the Internet usually do not offer high quality photographic paper, but sublimation, which means that, with the passage of time, the pages are damaged and the photo loses its color.
  7. The briefcases, cases and bags are just accessories: Werecommend our lovers to invest in what really matters, which are the pages that reflect their most special moments. The accessories that go out of the essential only expensive the product unnecessarily.