Gin Cocktails2

The premium gins are light, fresh and very fragrant beverages, which makes them perfect to enjoy the early arrival of good weather. It is a drink that offers a multitude of combination possibilities suitable for all tastes. It can be mixed with citrus fruits, with floral or botanical aromas or with any other substance that is desired. The gin has no color and you can barely taste it. It is precisely these characteristics that make it really dangerous. Since in this way it becomes a very rich and easy to drink liquor.

Gin Cocktails2

The most common gin cocktail made with this alcoholic beverage is gin and tonic, obtained through the mixture of gin and tonic. The most recommended proportion in this option is 1: 4, that is, for every 50 ml of gin, 200 ml of tonic are added. Its perfect combination of bitter and sweet makes it a perfect digestive, ideal for after meals or dinners. It is not advisable to use the juice of a lemon since its citric acid can nullify the characteristic bubbles of the tonic, but the citrus skin is usually used as a decorating method. This cocktail can be given a botanical plant that releases its fragrance to aromatize, like juniper. A lesser known variant is gin fizz, which in this case does contain lemon juice, combined with soda and syrup or sugar.

The Martini cocktail is one of the best known. Includes gin and a trickle of vermouth. It is usually served with an olive in the bottom of the glass. Its original recipe is 50:50 ratio, that is, equal proportions of the two drinks. However, currently some people opt for the dry Martini, which includes four parts of gin for a single vermouth. Another variant of this cocktail is the negroni which is divided equally between gin, red vermouth and Campari. It can be served with skin or orange or lemon slice, preferably the first one.

Gin Cocktails

In some parts of Spain, specifically the eastern part of the peninsula, Agua de Valencia is very well known, a cocktail made with cava or champagne, gin, vodka and orange juice. You can add sugar, but it depends on the preference of the consumer, because if you opt for a dry drink, it will not be necessary.

To make all these mixtures, the best possible flavor must be used, coming from the great brands of gin available for sale. For example: Larios (basic, Rose or 12); Puerto de Indias (supports strawberry fruit variant); Martin Millers; Tanqueray (with Lima Rangpur, Ten, Malacca); Hendrick’s; Bombay. All these brands are available in different decorative bottles, with graduation of 37.5º or higher. Some of them are made by hand, selecting the best botanical products and distilling in copper stills with many years of antiquity.