Everyone who has a camera dreams of recording a wedding one day, but the reality is that many of them fail to do so. This may be due to a poor performance of the video, since there is only one opportunity to get the perfect shot, and there is no possibility to repeat the shot as in other types of videos. The camera not only has to make sure to get good images, but also to be in the moment and the right place to pick up the most interesting moments of the day, which serve as a souvenir for the couple and for later generations.

San Francisco Wedding Videographer presents here a complete guide for beginners that everyone can apply to get recorded as a professional wedding.

The expectations of the couple and the promises

It is impossible to record each of the moments of a wedding, and that is something that your clients have to understand. Do not increase your expectations by promising to record everything. Make them understand that what you are going to record are the most important moments, and this includes, above all, the preparation, the ceremony and the reception. In fact, wedding videos usually last between 45 minutes and up to 3 hours, and with that, as you can imagine, it is not possible to cover everything that happens on that day.

Choose your equipment and the style of the video

The basic equipment to record a wedding can consist of the camera, a tripod, batteries, headphones, video tapes, microphone and, probably, a set of lenses. It may be advisable, or necessary in certain circumstances, to have lights and a wireless microphone, and even with a ball tripod. Maybe you have the tendency to carry all your equipment with you, but this is not recommended either, since during the recording of the video you will need to be lightweight and move nimbly, so if you can take advantage of natural light or the one that already have in place, you will save much weight and, in passing, you will give a very natural touch to your video on holyart.

Get the best plans

Once you have prepared all your equipment and you have placed it in the right place, it is time to put the cameras to record. As a camera operator, it is essential that you arrive before the protagonists and the guests to the place, so that you have time to study the location, prepare everything and have it ready at the time of starting.

During the ceremony

Before the ceremony begins, you will need to do tests in the place where they will enter and the couple will be. The ideal is to be somewhere behind the altar, so that you can get good plans for your entrance. It is also important that you do, first of all, some detailed shots of the decoration, the place, the guests, and so on, so that you can use them as a complementary resource.

Here are some of the plans that can never be missing in the recording of the ceremony:

  • The entrance and the walk of the bride to the altar
  • The first look of the bride towards the groom when they meet
  • The votes
  • The kiss
  • The departure of the newly married couple

The reception

The reception, or the banquet, usually has a less formal character, with fun moments that are always worthwhile. In the same way as with the ceremony, it is advisable that you know a little about the organization of it, so you can foresee and choose the best places to place and record. Make sure you catch all those highlights, such as the entrance of the couple in the room, when they cut the cake, the toast, the dance and when the bride throws the bouquet. Do not forget either here to get different plans of the event, such as the cake before they cut it, the guest book, the tables, the invitations, the people, or anything else that may be useful and that you think you can describe the moment well.

Follow the videographer

Finally, it may also be a good idea to follow the videographer. Both during the ceremony, and during the banquet, and at other times, the videographer can be preparing posed photos with the guests and with the bride and groom, and these moments while preparing can be fun recorded on video, plus then you will have a few moments very well prepared to record the bride and groom and the guests posing. To hire a professional wedding videographer, please visit website.