Wedding Photogrphy Best

We start from the basis that the day of your wedding will seem a brief moment. So many and so many preparations for the end to have the feeling that everything has happened so quickly. That is one of the reasons why it is important to capture those moments, those details that went unnoticed by most. But above all do not give up the possibility of remembering all the emotions that you and your loved ones had that day.

All may be good reasons that force us to keep these memories. If it is true that the first place in this type of contracting is usually for wedding photography, but the possibility of creating a more dynamic report, where movement and sound give a special plus to your wedding report is also complementary to the Photography.

Yes, it is always important to consider wedding videography.


  1. What style are you looking for?

Because be clear that there are as many styles as available professionals. Based on the fact that currently the rise of the audiovisual world has become a very important part of communication, a professional in the sector needs a minimum of knowledge and a defined style as happens with photography.

It is no longer enough to get behind the camera, hit the record button and let it run throughout the wedding in UK. This no longer convinces any couple.

  1. See his works

On paper, they all say they are good, but in the end we can find videos with unstable images or incoherent audios, or simply with scarce and poor editing. Not to mention again the style and skills of the professional, it is important that their work does not become a real and boring images that do not count and end up in the drawer of forgotten memories. Believe me, you do not want your friends to make excuses to stay for dinner when they know you have the photos and wedding videography in UK.


  1. The difference between the photographer and the videographer

Although there are companies that sell it together, we must be clear that photography and video are not the same.

As related as this, a photographer and a videographer have to have different skills, and if you want real professionals you will not find many highly qualified people in both disciplines, which surely there are, but they are scarce.

  1. Explain what you want

Okay, he’s the professional. But you are the customers and you know the final result you expect.

Tell him all times what you like and what you do not. What wedding moments are most important to you, the music that you would like to accompany (although it may be a suggestion, in many cases the pieces of music are selected by the videographers to maintain the coherent rhythm of the piece and thus not lose quality ), as well as your tastes for specific final results.

  1. A price that fits in your wedding budget

Unfortunately we meet again with one more line of spending on your wedding budget, so this as other services, is still conditioned by our economic availability. For this reason you must take into account:

The importance you give to video reporting. This will make you decide for cheaper options or decide to devote a little more money to this service.
That includes the price. It is necessary to be clear that they offer us in the agreed price, how many professionals will cover the report, how the edition will be done, the final footage, the equipment that it uses. Maybe we can negotiate apart some of these concepts or even some have extra services like the use of a drone, a same day edit, etc.