The greeting cards are one of the gifts that most are still made despite modern technologies. We use them to congratulate a birthday, a good news, save the dates without pictures, an anniversary or simply to express what we feel to the recipient of the card.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a ready-made card, with a little imagination and some simple materials we can do really nice things. If you have to congratulate someone and still do not know what card to send, in this report we give you some ideas.

Recipient of the card

Before starting to elaborate our greeting card, we must be clear who will be the recipient of this, whether it is a boy or girl, age, the reason for the greeting, the style of the person who will receive the card, their tastes, etc. For example, a card is not the same for a boy who likes rock than for one who likes sports, or for a young boy and an older man.

Each person must have their personalized card, and since we are going to design ourselves we have no excuse for not doing it well.



As we are seeing, in the world of crafts you can use countless materials. Before starting our card, we must know what material or materials we are going to use, because if we want we can combine several different ones.

They can be made with paper, cardboard, wrapping paper, adhesive, with the technique of scrapbooking, etc.

Card design

When making a greeting card we must know what design we like the most, the most typical are those that have the shape of a book, but can be done with drop-down, with a single face and a label with the data, etc.

How to make a greeting card

The basic materials we need are:

  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Cut-outs or embellishments that we are going to put
  • Markers
  • RulerI will explain how to make a greeting card in the form of a book, the steps are:

    Cut a white card of 16cmX24cm.

    2. We choose a design that we like and we print it on paper.

    3. We placed the cardboard we had cut on top of the paper with the design, we did not cut what was left over as we would fold it inwards wrapping the cardboard, we cut the corners.

  1. We are throwing glue on the lapels and sticking them inside.5. Cut a rectangle of paper or cardboard of the color you want to measure 15cmX23cm.

    6. We paste it in the center of the other cardboard just covering what has not been covered with paper.

    7. Finally we decorate the exterior as we like and write inside the reason for the congratulation.