You have spent large money on your fantastic wedding event, invited all your relatives, and celebrated it with excitement. A wedding is the most special day in a couple’s life. So each husband tries his best to select a gift which meets to his wife’s expectations on the 1st Wedding Anniversary. It is also known as “Paper Anniversary.” Traditional gifts for this anniversary are made of paper. As paper is no more appropriate, you may have a problem in finding your First Anniversary Gifts for Wife.

First Anniversary Gifts for Wife

As one year has passed together without any problems, so your wife may expect a fantastic gift from you. No need to worry about the selection of special gift. Following are most popular suggestions to select an appropriate gift for this event.

Traditional Paper Gifts

Traditionally paper gifts are for those who are celebrating their first year of marriage.

First Anniversary

These can be presented in different ways including the pencil drawing of couples or newspaper of the year the wedding took place. Few famous gifts made of paper are described below.


If you are creative, then this is a great paper anniversary gift. Poetry is the perfect gift because it contains both paper and shows your love and care to your wife, even after one year, it should be alive and well. If you frame it in a beautiful frame and present her, it will create romantic seen and proper gift presentation.

1st year Anniversary Gift


 Artificial Paper Roses

Rose is the symbol of love. Artificial paper roses are easily available in markets. These roses are inexpensive. These can be personalized with a choice. The benefit of giving these roses is that they remain as a memory of this event for a long time. This is the best gift among  First Anniversary Gifts for Wife.

Paper Anniversary Gift

Compose a CD

It is most effective to present a Love CD to your lover. You can use songs that you have shared together and your wedding songs. You may put your first dance songs.

Paper Anniversary CD

Photo Album

It is the best gift to present. You may include your marriage photos and photos of most valuable memories of your first year together.

first anniversary  gift

Novels or Books

If your partner loves reading, then this would be the best idea. You should present her the best books and novels according to her choice. She will remember your feelings and excitements for a long time.

anniversary gift


Art may explain an event or story better than words. It is the best chance to present a painting which describes your love to your partner. If she hangs it up on the wall, then she will always remember your feelings when she will look it.

First Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Tickets for a Spot

Purchase tickets base on her interest, for example, concert, museum, festival, park or a beautiful spot. She will not forget this anniversary for a long time. You may choose the best place for visiting where you can enjoy each other like the beach.

First Anniversary Gifts for Wife


Another unique idea for Paper Anniversary is to purchase a wallpaper and show off your creativity and thoughtfulness by redecorating. Use special colors and themes.

First Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Frame Your Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate has great importance in a couple’s life as it is the proof of their marriage. You can put this certificate in a beautiful frame and present to your wife.

marriage certificate 

Modern First Anniversary Gifts for Wife

There are no restrictions to choose a gift for your 1st Wedding Anniversary now a day. You may give anything in which your lover is interested. Sometimes, personalized gifts are appropriate depending on your partner’s choice. Following are few suggestions related to modern First Anniversary Gifts for Wife.

Modern Anniversary Gifts

Personalized Mug

Your favorite or first dance song printed on a mug is a marvelous idea on this event. When she takes tea, your reminiscence will be fresh in her mind.

1st wedding anniversary

Personalized Wooden Photo Box

Wooden photo box made from oak and space for four photos is the great idea for the Paper Anniversary.  All four photos are paste on the four sides of the square wooden box. Your wife may put her jewelry in it.

first wedding anniversary

Personalized KeyChain

Beautiful keychain engraved your both names on the ring is the proper gift for your wife. You may put your wedding picture in the round shaped badge holder pouch.

first anniversary present

These are few ideas for the valuable event of an anniversary.