11th Gift

Wedding Anniversary is an important day in a couple’s life. It is a day when two people exchanged the vows and made a family. It recalls the memories of their best moments they lived together. Anniversaries have more importance for women than men because their partners show their feelings and spoil them. Eleventh Anniversary is also known as “Steel Anniversary”. Steel is the mixture of carbon and iron. It resists to corrosion and damage. This strength links the beliefs that the love the couple shares never fade. Traditional Gift for your eleventh anniversary is the steel which is a symbol of strength and durability. Following are fantastic ideas for 11th Anniversary Gifts for her.  These are best going away gift ideas  for her.

11th Anniversary Gifts for her

Traditional Gifts

11th Anniversary gifts fo her

The traditional gift for this event is the steel. Nobody knows the reason for such specialty. Few pretty gifts made out of steel are described below. These gifts can be represented as proper gifts for Eleventh Anniversary.

 Traditional Gift Basket

best gift

Purchase stainless steel silverware, a stainless steel wine rack, or even a stainless steel wallet. You may purchase stainless steel napkin rings, candlestick holders and stainless steel glasses for complement the dinner table.

 Steel Sink


You may buy a steel sink for a kitchen from the market. This is not something that can be presented to your wife in a wrapping bow. You need to contact the plumber and install it in the kitchen. But it is not surprising for her and not a proper gift.

Kitchen Utensils

couple gift

If you don’t want to give steel sink for a kitchen, you may buy kitchen Utensils like knives, spoons, and forks. Although, it is not a perfect gift but it is practical.

Roller Skate


best gift for wife

If your wife likes skating, a pair of roller skates will be the best gift for her on this event. If you are rich, you may buy it from standard brands like Nike.

Modern Ideas for 11th Anniversary Gifts for her

yearly gift for wife


Traditional gifts for this occasion are no more interesting. Some cultures don’t follow traditions in the wedding anniversaries. They buy a gift without thinking the list of traditional gifts for a particular anniversary.  Following are few modern gift ideas which are marvelous for this event


jewelry for spouse

Jewelry is the nice gift for your wife. As women like jewelry, so it is the perfect gift for all anniversaries. Jewelry includes necklace, rings, bracelet, brooches, and earrings. You can spend the minimum to maximum money on these items.


best anniversary presents

It is another unique idea to present a watch box made out of steel or wood. She can put safely her watch in this box.

Bouquet of Eleven Roses

11th Gift

Rose is the symbol of love and romance. Bouquet of eleven roses is the correct choice for this event as a modern gift. Roses made out of steel are another awesome idea for Steel Anniversary. It is the best gift among 11th Anniversary Gifts for her.


popular offer

If she likes coffee and has no coffeemaker, give her a coffeemaker. It will show your love and care for her. It wills always fresh this memory of 11th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations.


gift by year

Surprising gift for this event is the candelabra. It is the romantic gift for such kind of celebrations. She will always remember your offer with her heart.

Stamped Keyring

anniversary gift for wife

Stamped keyring is the best gift to present your spouse and show the best feeling for her.

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