5 year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Reaching five years of the wedding is the great achievement in a couple’s life. Finding a proper gift for your wife, who has passed five years of life with you, is important. 5th Year anniversary is also known as “Wooden Anniversary”. Traditional gifts for this anniversary are made of wooden. There are many gift ideas made of wood which can be a proper gift for this occasion.  Wood somewhat seems unexciting, and you may feel hard to find a fantastic gift for her. But we tried our best to give you suggestion of fantastic gifts. Following are few 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Plant a Tree

Planting a beautiful pot tree in your home is a nice way to celebrate the 5th Anniversary. The tree has the long life so that it will be the perfect memory of this Wooden Anniversary. In future,  it will recall this anniversary to your wife for long life. For kids, there is nothing more enjoyable than playing under the tree. These trees are shady and have the best outlook in a home.

five Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Picture in Wooden Frame:Most Popular 5 year anniversary gift ideas for her

Every couple has a collection of marriage pictures. Some of these pictures recall best memories and excitements. Sending a Fifth Anniversary gift which contains these memories will prove that you have not only thought about the gift but the best time you had passed together. These photos can be put into Wooden Frame, which can be personalized by engraving names and date of your marriage.It is also the great idea among  5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her. You can use this gift as a meaningful 60th birthday gifts.

five Year Anniversary Gift

Poems in Wooden Frame

Another marvelous idea is to write a poem having fantastic memories and put this poem in a wooden Frame. This gift will be unique and express your love and feeling to your wife. These frames can be personalized by putting your marriage photo.

 5 year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Flowers in Wooden Vase

As flowers are the symbol of love, you may put them in a wooden vase. Women are most emotional, and they understand that flowers stand for I love you. From ancient, lovers throughout the past have shared flower as a symbol of devotion and love.   Wooden Vase can be easily personalized and engraved a poem or a message on it. You can use give wood flower bouquet also.

five Year Anniversary


Pyrography is making a design using flame. This anniversary deserves a gift containing your wedding photo pyrographed onto the wooden base. Pyrography can also be used for other anniversary gifts.

wooden Anniversary gift

Jewelry Box

A nice handcrafted wooden jewelry box is a fantastic idea for a 5th Anniversary Gift. It will give your wife a place to save her precious jewelry for a long time. It is a unique gift for such a fantastic event.

wooden Anniversary gift for wife


Wooden Music Box

A surprisingly and excellent gift for the wooden anniversary is the music box made of wood. It is a nice decorative piece for the home. It plays nice music. It also seems superb jewelry box.

wooden Anniversary gift for spouse

Modern Gifts

Wooden Pen

The Wooden pen is a great idea for fifth year anniversary to show your devotions for her. Wooden pens are inexpensive. For more romantic flavor, you may pack it in the wooden gift box and present to your spouse. When she writes something, she must remember you.

wooden Anniversary gift for her

Phone Dock

You may give her a wooden phone stand. These can be easily manufactured in some varieties. It will be a fantastic idea for this event. It is the fantastic idea among  5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her.

5th Anniversary gift for her

Wooden Watch

Wooden watches are most popular for this event and can be easily purchased according to her choice.  It will reveal your care for her beauty.

5th Anniversary gift

Brush Holder

Makeup organizers wooden brush holder is a unique idea to show her love and care. If she has makeup luggage, she must love it.

5th Anniversary Present

Wood Card

I love you wood card will be a nice gift for your love expression. This card will tell him that she is your life and can’t live even one moment without her. Such a surprising gift must excite her and increase her better feelings for you.5th Anniversary Present

Wooden Hand Mirror

Wooden Hand Mirror is the modern gift for the 5th anniversary. When she looks herself in this mirror, she must remember you and recall this romantic fifth wedding anniversary.


Wooden Ring

Wooden rings made of Olive wood are famous in the market. Since 5th anniversary is the wooden anniversary, these ring will better suited to your spouse.



Finally, wood can be easily personalized according to the choice. It can be used in a large number of gifts. so it is a versatile item.

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