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Are you looking forward to setting up your wedding live streaming? Are you planning to go virtual on your wedding and still feel connected with your loved ones as if they are present there? If you answer yes, this article is for you. Live streaming your wedding in these times is the way to go.  Make sure to give a good read.

The best thing about a live stream is that people can attend your wedding anywhere and make their presence count on your big day.

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What matters the most in a virtual wedding?

The most important thing in a wedding live stream is the angle you decide to go for. It’s extremely important to get the best angle for your shots because when you’re up there on the floor, people tend to interrupt a lot, standing in from of the camera, moving instantly, etc. So, if you decide to shoot from upstairs then nobody will interrupt or block your camera angles.

You can choose any angle if the wedding is totally virtual which means no audience present at all.

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A step by step guide:

  • Customize your event. Make sure to make a script to structure your event, the way you want things to proceed.
  • Create your guest list whether you want no guests or some.
  • Choose your platform you plan to go live on and that which offers a high quality video stream. Zoom, Facebook or Youtube can serve as an excellent place to go live on.
  • Check if your place has proper lighting system as usually it is quite dark inside.
  • If you prefer to do it discreetly, you can use one static camera at one angle only. You can use a tripod to keep your camera firm.
  • You can put two microphones in the square pocket of the groom.
  • Make sure you warn the groom about him going live so that he is careful with whatever he says.
  • Make sure to connect a power bank so it can work long hours.
  • While you are doing the live stream you should start 15 to 20 minutes before the wedding ceremony starts for the spectators to see what is happening and give them time to tune in as well. You can even chat with the spectators using chat button and keep them engaged before the ceremony starts.


Wishing you all the luck for your big day. I hope you have a blast and your wedding is the most memorable day for you.