Perfect Wedding In A Low Budget

Are you falling on your budget and trying to find out what you can do at your wedding? What do you need to focus on if you are planning a handful wedding on a budget? Let’s see what you need to consider if you have a very limited budget.

  1. You have to have a location first which could be a church, synagogue, a public place, a park or a backyard wedding is an excellent option. You got to have a spot where you can arrange on purpose. A location doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; you can pick any location that is feasible for you.
  2. The next thing that should catch your attention is the food and beverage. You don’t have to opt for a five-course meal which is a preconceived notion. Buffet can be a better option, plus grain or vegetable-based food can be a lot cheaper than the one that is meat-based. Water, ice tea, and lemonade can be a pretty better as well as cheaper choices for beverages.
  3. Have a proper seating arrangement. You can even go creative and go for a picnic wedding instead that could save a lot of costs other than offering recreation.
  4. You can buy a second-hand dress or you can rent a dress, you can borrow a dress.
  5. You can hire a photographer whose fee is negotiable, to capture your moments. Photographers adjust their fee if called for a shorter period of time.
  6. Avoid going for a DJ and go for some loudspeakers and a Spotify playlist to make the environment.
  7. Flowers are not necessary and skip them if you can, or go for artificial perfumed roses those are much cheaper comparatively.


These were some ideas regarding how you can have a simple, budget friendly yet a perfect wedding. Make sure to utilize these ideas. Wishing you all the luck for your big day.