22nd Anniversary Gift

A wedding anniversary is a time to recall all the memories of the wedding. It is the time when a couple exchanges gifts and make new vows for next year. This gift is the best sign of love and care for each other.  22nd Anniversary is the valuable event in a couple’s life. It is also known as “Copper Anniversary”. Copper is the traditional gift for this anniversary. As it is worth event, some couples feel difficulty find a proper 22nd Anniversary Gift for their spouses.22nd Anniversary Gift

They visit market but cannot choose appropriate gifts for their wives from a huge variety. Here are some suggestions for you where you can find a fantastic idea to buy a perfect gift for your wife.

twenty second


Traditional Gifts

The traditional gift for Twenty-Second Anniversary is the copper.  Copper gifts are marvelous and fantastic for this event.

Copper Mug

mug for 22nd anniversary

Copper Mug is the most popular traditional gift for the 22nd anniversary. A picture or name may be printed easily to this Mug. It will be among the best memories of celebrations. This Mug is packed in the gift box and presented in a romantic way.

Copper Pitcher

gift for copper

Another nice present for Twenty Two Anniversary is a copper pitcher. It will show the best memory of this occasion.

Modern Gifts

Modern gifts for this event may be anything appropriate for your life partner. But it should be something which shows care and love for him. Following are few best ideas for modern gifts.

Flower Bouquets

anniversary for 22nd

Flower is the symbol of love. So this is the best present for every romantic event. It reveals the nice feelings for him/her. All you need to know the path how to decorate them. Wood flower bouquet is also a good option for this anniversary gift.

Best 22nd Anniversary Gift

Golden Ring


The ring is the reserved for engagement but you may get it for your anniversary ceremony. This ring will be a symbol of your best memories. Gold is expensive, you may give the silver gift.

Photo Frame
marriage certificate 

Each couple has the photos of its marriage or best memories when they lived together. You can frame the best photo in the frame. This is the nice gift for all anniversaries.