Wedding Photo

Many photographers are beginning or wanting to start in the world of social reporting or photographing. In my case, I cannot speak of an experience of many years since it is a field in which I have just started, but these first tests have helped me to realize several things that I would like to share with you.

Next, I make a “beta listing” with some tips for wedding photos recommended by Cardiff wedding photographers.

First contact. Talk to the couple and ask them exactly what they want. Some only want 5 nice pose photos and that’s it, others also want you to be at the ceremony, as well as to take group photos. There are those who will ask you to stay until the dance, you may even want to stay days after the wedding to do some photo sessions in other different places more calmly.

Price. Taking into account the previous point, make a budget based on the hours of work that you are going to assume. Not only on the day of the wedding, remember also the time you will spend editing them later. Nor will you charge the same if you are going to pass the photos on a pendrive or you are going to make an album. Obviously the latter will mean a few more hours in front of the computer. Do not give your work, but do not overdo it either. Talking with other photographers in the sector will help you get oriented on the prices that are usually given.

Stay with the couple for a coffee. Make them trust you, so that when you have to take photos, do not be a stranger to them and be calm in front of the camera. You can ask them how they met, what their tastes are, what hobbies they have, what they work on … this information will give your ideas so you can think about what kind of photos you can take. The more personalized, the more original your work will be and at the same time, the happier you will stay.

Plan well. The day of the wedding time flies as if the minutes were 30 seconds. Therefore, it is important that before the big day comes, plan well all your work. Take ideas by looking at many photos of other photographers, think about the photos in advance and calculate the time of each, as well as the trips if you have to do them. Nor is it superfluous to have a plan B, if the day of the wedding does not leave things as you expected.

Offer them another day. After they are married, nerves usually disappear and it is a good time to do a photo session without the pressure of those 30-second minutes that we mentioned above. To stay any other day has interesting advantages such as taking pictures with better light at dusk or at dawn, moving to more places etc.