Your wedding is a unique event of which you are the hero. So you can do anything you want to make this party really unique. Do you have a lot of ideas for your wedding invitation but you do not know how to make them come true?  You can get help from Wedding Invitation Designer to design your wedding invitation. We give you some useful tips for Wedding Invitations Houston!

Wedding Invitation

Discover our tips for:

  • Create fantastic photo cards
  • Take the pose for your wedding photo
  • Make hearts vibrate with an original text on your wedding invitation
  • Want something else? Try the wedding hipster!

Photo cards

Which bride does not want to occupy the central place on the day of her wedding? The groom is also important but we know that on this day, the bride will be the object of attention.

Marriage is a unique moment in life, so you have to enjoy it! You do not have to turn into a bridle, but all the steps before climbing to the altar must be a source of pleasure. And the pleasure must be in your invitations if you choose to embellish them with a beautiful photo.

The trick for a perfect photo for your wedding invitation is the appearance. Who are you and what do you want to show the world? It can be a fun shot, but a very serious pose can be just as impressive.


Take a pose for your wedding photos

You are not a fan of photo shoots? In this case, it is better to forget the wedding invitation with a photo and concentrate on a more classic model which perfectly matches the tone of your wedding. Whether your wedding is magical, bling-bling or rock’n’roll, everything is possible and allowed on your wedding day!

Make hearts vibrate with an original text on your wedding invitation

At each wedding, at least one person burst into tears. But why wait to run the mascara? Tears come naturally if you add a touching text on your wedding invitation.

We can, of course, provide many shots, but the particularity of “the one” is precisely to find something special and unique, which concerns only you! The best is to write a story about the story of your relationship and demonstrate why you are really made for each other! The invitation below is a perfect example: the couple refers to their favorite book and offers a beautiful text. This is a most romantic wedding invitation!