If you are like most people, you take a picture of every outing that you are on, be it the picture of your morning cappuccino or a picture of your dog curled up near your feet. Pictures have become an indispensable part of our lives, letting us preserve our memories by keeping souvenirs of any and every moment in our lives. Part of this has been due to the increased use of our smart phones that make our lives more and more easy every day.

Collage Photo Blanket

When choosing a gift for someone, we are often left scratching our heads thinking about what could make the recipient happy. Since pictures can be worth a thousand words, they can be the best gift option for one and all. The best way to use pictures in gift items is by customizing the gifts in such a way that allows one to showcase our favorite pictures on the gift item. This can be done for coffee mugs, photo frames as well as photo blankets.

Why should you choose photo blankets?

Photo blankets seem to be the best choice for customized gift items as these, apart from being good to look at, are also quite useful in our households. A photo blanket can be used to keep ourselves warm on the cold winter nights. Also, they can be used as a decorating piece for our households, using it as a throw rug in the living room or the bedroom. Beautiful pictures displayed on the blanket can be a great way to bring warmth to your household decorations.

Photo blankets are usually of two types. While the normal photo blankets hold a single picture, collage photo blankets usually display numerous pictures which have been clubbed together to fit the size of the blanket. Collage photo blankets are more popular than the normal varieties of photo blankets simply because they allow one a lot of options when choosing the pictures for the blanket.

However one should be careful while choosing the pictures for the collage photo blanket. Usually such a blanket can hold some 6 to 10 pictures which can be clubbed together to give a good look to the blanket. When choosing the pictures, choose the ones that convey some sort of meaning to the recipient and will be memorable for the person. They can be anything from their childhood pictures to your pictures together.

While choosing the appropriate picture for the blanket can be quite a task, ordering the blanket is the easiest thing that can be done. You simply need to choose the appropriate blanket, upload the pictures and finish the payment procedure. Everything else will be taken care of by the service provider and you will even receive the customized blanket within a week from placing the order for the blanket.  And the best part is that the blanket can be preserved for as long as you want to. No part of it will fade or get destroyed no matter how hard you try to.