Father Day

Father’s Day is special day and if you have any idea about what to give him and you do not have much money, then get inspired in any of these ideas.

Father Day

Finding a perfect gift for your dad can be a bit tricky, because usually your tastes are expensive for the money you have saved, so the best idea is to make a gift of yourself that you love and can use all the time.

1.Chocolates with messages

Chocolates With Messages

We know it’s nothing special to give your dad some chocolates and you could do that any other day of the year, so make that gift special by buying your favorites and personalizing the packaging. It will look awesome!

All you have to do is remove the original wrapping and either makes a nice design on the computer and print or venture to make an incredible drawing in the measurements of the original wrapping. The joke is to have things that are local jokes between your dad and you or know that you are going to cause fun.

2.Gift Hampers for Father’s Day

Gift Hampers For Father’s Day

Father’s Day Gift Hampers at Gift Baskets Direct is famous idea for your father. If you have a little more money saved and you love to do manual things, then an incredible option is to make a basket with things that you will like, use much or need.

For example, if all weekends get up to polish your car, then give him a basket that is a car cleaning kit.

All you need to buy all the gifts that will come in the basket and use all your creativity to decorate it, we recommend that you choose things that have something in common so that your basket is decorated with that theme.

3. Breakfast decorated


Who does not love food? Obvious to all people fascinates and more to the parents! A super simple gift that no one else will give your pa, is a rich breakfast in the morning before it wakes up, so you will feel special in your day.

A very good option is that in time of anticipation you make small decorations for the dishes that you go to serve, like a clothes rack of ties made of paper and decorated with down, just as in the photo.

You can also give him a straw decorated in the juice or buy a special dish for that day, decorate with indelible down, put in the oven for a few minutes so that the down does not fall to wash and you will have your personalized dish.

4. Special tie

It is typical that parents have to go from suit to work or wear a tie daily and chance in their day unless you want to use one, but if you make a fun and personalized tie will not bother bringing it all day and leave like this in the Family photos.

5. Screeners

It is very common in this type of days that parents receive picture frames or a photo album with photos of you and the whole family, but it is more beautiful if you take the time to make your own wooden frames.

To do this you will need a thick wooden board the size you want the portaretratos, paint to age wood, large nails and the photograph or poster that you want it to have. The first thing you have to do is paint the wooden board with the paint and let it dry super well, remember that you choose how dark you want the wood, then you print your photograph or poster and with the nails you put them on the wooden board and ready!

6- T-shirt for dad
T Shirt For Dad

This gift idea can be for anyone, not just unique to your dad . If you want a father to give him that he can wear on a normal day and also has a nice message, you can make his own T-shirt that has a normal shirt design.

You will only need to buy a plain shirt of your size, vellum paper, paste spray to remove it, a piece of cardboard and a whitening pencil. Since you have all the materials you must print on the vellum paper the sign for your dad with the thick letter that you like and cut it so that it is as a template, then put the piece of cardboard in the shirt to separate the front with The back and using the spray paste the sheet of paper; With the whitening pencil see the letters inside, let dry super good and remove the blade carefully and you’re done!

7. Custom Bottles

An idea really cool and super funny to present a gift your dad, is presenting him with a six of your favorite soft drink that comes in glass bottles, and customize labels and bottle caps.

To customize them, you only have to buy stamped card stock or printed sheets, measure the original labels and get creative to do each one, if it is easier you can do it on the computer and print it on sheets of labels. Another good option to give a particular detail is that the bottle caps have your picture.

8. Wallet card

The gift that can never fail for your dad, is that you make a letter telling him how much you love him. The important thing about the letter is that it be sincere and original.

These are few famous gift ideas for father’s day to please him. You can get more ideas from Gift Basket direct.