Fathers Day

Fathers Day

What to offer to the one who, for most of us, represents a model of life to follow? This question is recurring throughout the year: whether it is Christmas or her birthday, finding a present that will be useful to our paternal (and especially that will please!) Is a real headache. We all agree that Father’s Day is not a major event, but it does show once again how much we spend with our bicycle riders on Sundays. And in order to avoid falling into the classic bottle of wine or other toolbox, today we offer 10 original products affordable that will surely please him.

Gift Hampers for Fathers

Gift Hampers For Fathers

Gift hampers are famous gifts for Father’s day. Father’s Day Gift Hampers at Charity Hampers contain the special goods which are need of daily life. It is the perfect idea for father day to please him.

A kit for a quality shave

Quality Shave

Who among us has ever watched his father shaving as a young man? And me as well! When I was little, I spent more time watching my grandfather look after his facial hair. What I liked the most was the whole process that he imposed on himself every day. He began by moistening his skin with a warm towel and then preparing his shaving foam in a bowl, spreading it with a badger and beginning his shaving. More than gestures, it is especially the odors, so peculiar to this masculine routine, that have kept me in mind. With this Proraso box, the shaving returns to its former nobility and becomes a true ceremony. In short, it contains three products to use before, during and after cutting so that it becomes a real pleasure and not a chore!

A good bottle of Whiskey

Difficult for this type of opportunity to miss a good bottle, whether it be wine, rum, whiskey or any other alcohol. Indeed, true initiation rite for some or simple moment of relaxation for others, the aperitif is part of those convivial moments that we like to share. Like the good wine, enjoying a good whiskey acquires with time. Your father may be a part of these men who appreciate the peaty notes of this potion originating in Scotland or Ireland (debates are launched). As a true amateur, our dear Romano recommended one of his latest discoveries: the Machir Bay from Kilchoman, a Scottish single malt. Small bonus, it is provided with its 2 tasting glasses!

A bearded travel kit

As for facial hair, two schools clash. On the one hand, there are those who can not bear the sight of a hairy beard, shaving each morning. On the other hand, those for whom life would not be what it is without a magnificent fleece traversing their facies. We all know, the real men belong to the second category (stop a bit of lying!). Except that wearing a beard can quickly make us for a shady person if we do not take a minimum care. Mr Natty is offering a kit containing the bulk of what a bearded man needs. So, no more excuses having a beard neglected even on the move!

A customizable mug

No need to ruin themselves to mark the occasion. For about ten euros, this customizable enameled brass metal cup can follow it everywhere. Besides the fact that it is unbreakable, its vintage appearance will remind him of his camping years or his military service. Be sure to limit too personal messages so that he can take him to the office without shame! No doubt that at the time of the coffee break he will have a thought for you sipping his lying. After a hard morning of work, this little attention will know to give back the smile 🙂

An Epicurean box

You still hesitate between renewing his stock of socks, offering him a new shirt or leaving on the classic bottle of wine, we have the solution! The French brand Hanja offers a selection of boxes or the 3 are simply combined. To know and to have already tested the mark , we know that this box is not proposed to the detriment of the quality of the products. Thus, the shirt in Egyptian cotton poplin with the fitted cut and the discrete designs of small balloon glasses will be able to integrate to all its outfits. Undeniable, the 98% thread socks will no doubt replace an old pair with holes. Finally, the icing on the cake, the bottle of wine will be the occasion to celebrate it around a good glass!

A decanter

Difficult to make a selection feast of fathers without evoking the whole universe related to the art of the table. The good wine is obviously part of it. Beyond pure consumption, the selection and opening of a good bottle of wine is also part of the fun. To extend it, but also and especially to exploit all the flavors of its precious beverage, the carafe to be decanted allows to ventilate and to be able to retain the traces of a possible deposit. Thanks to a special stopper, this carafe of elegant design allows to aerate, decant and decanter its wine in the space of 3 minutes. Dad’s cellar can only thank you for this present!