In the past, there were strict guidelines on what to get your spouse on your anniversary. For example, the traditional gift for the eighth anniversary is bronze. Then people began to make their own lists of what was acceptable. Now, modern gifts include pottery and linen. The eighth-anniversary flower clematis and the gemstone tourmaline is to be replaced tanzanite. As you can see, you have many gift ideas for eighth wedding anniversary. Here are few unique ideas for 8th Anniversary Gifts for her.

 8th anniversary gifts for her

Bronze (Traditional  8th Anniversary Gifts for her )

Bronze Sculpture

The bronze gift seems dated, but if you are not the type of couple who delights in antiques, then there are still options available that are more modern. Bronze is often used in sculpture. If you love the arts, then this may be the perfect 8th Anniversary present.

Bronze Planters

Also, consider bronze planters for someone who likes to have plants in the house. Finally, there is always bronze jewelry. That may be a little hard to find, but fine jeweler should be able to get you something that suits your needs.


Linen For Pottry

Flax is an excellent eighth anniversary gift because it gives you the chance to be creative and romantic. Account factors such as the new leaves; then light candles, scatter flower petals, put on mood music and treat your spouse to a special message. Or you can choose to buy a linen tablecloth and treat your partner to a meal cooked at home with some special wine and background music above, candles and flowers.



Jewelry is always a great gift, but it is even more special when the gemstone you choose coincides with the anniversary. In this case, it is tourmaline, which can come in many different colors so you will easily be able to find something suitable for your spouse.

Tanzanite Wedding Rin

The alternative is the tanzanite, which has become very popular and is a resource in rapid decline. That may be the only chance you have to buy tanzanite for your spouse, and there is no better opportunity than your eighth birthday. It is the best gift for Bronze Anniversary.