Your anniversary is the perfect time to buy a gift for your spouse. The 7th Anniversary traditional gifts are different in different cultures. Find the traditional, precious stones and flower gifts modern lists for inspiration. Choose the right jewelry, home decor, flowers or clothing that is perfect for your beloved. Here are few suggestions for 7th Anniversary Gifts for her.

7th Anniversary Giftsfor her


copper gifts

The traditional present is copper for Seventh Anniversary. You can find copper accessories for the home. For the woman who loves to cook, choose copper cookware for her. Choose from different size pans, strainers, mixers, and teapots. Or, buy a piece of copper art jewelry. If your husband has a taste for sculpture, buy him a copper statue for indoors or outdoors. With a theme of copper in mind, book a trip for the two of you around your anniversary. Birmingham Canyon, Utah, is the largest copper mine in the United States. Or, book a week in Mexico and make a trip to Copper Canyon.


wool anniversary

Wool is a traditional gift for the 7th anniversary. Buy woolen clothing for your husband, including a cozy jumper, hat, gloves and scarf. Another idea is to buy two wool blankets can curl up in for a romantic evening. To treat your wife, why not choose a wool rug for a room in the house? Or, you can spend your money and re-carpet the house with a wool blend carpet choice. If you want to beat your wife away for a holiday of seven days, take him to one of the best wool producers in the world – New Zealand.

Desk Set (Modern 7th Anniversary Gifts for her)

desk set for seventh

The modern gift for a wedding anniversary is a desktop set. This is an appropriate gift if your spouse has a desk at work or private study in your home. Invest in a set of an expensive leather desk. Make sure it includes a desk pad, pen stand, letter tray, notepad and holder of the business card. Choose from a design that matches his office decor: black, brown, beige or burgundy. Other gifts to give to his office include his favorite photo of you and a framed platinum pen together. So it is the best modern 7th Anniversary Gifts for her.


Bouquet of flowers

A thoughtful treat for your wife is a big bouquet of flowers. Buy her romantic red roses and deliver them yourself for the workplace or at home. Another idea is to buy him a jack in the pulpit. This plant is the traditional flower to give this year. Buy her a chair engages in the ornamental vase. Or, buy the seeds she can plant and maintain. Flowers are best among Wool Anniversary Gifts for her.


onyx stone

A gift to produce a smile is jewelry. The precious onyx stone is traditionally given on your 7th anniversary. Buy beautiful black onyx set in a pair of earrings, a ring or a pendant. Choose from a round, princess, emerald or oval, depending on your wife prefers. Your husband did not miss out on receiving a piece of onyx jewelry. It comes in the shape of the ring men or as a set of cufflinks.