wedding magician


Close-up magicians, mind manipulators, or illusionists are the people having the talent to create illusions, performing hand tricks to make the natural supernatural and the possible impossible. These clever minds provide live entertainment for various events like a birthday party, a corporate event, or at a wedding. It sounds little unusual to book magicians for a wedding event. Still, this trend is gaining massive popularity with every new day.

Magicians are versatile performers who need an attentive audience and very little space to work. Couples hire magicians to perform stage magic for cabaret performance, table magic before, during, or after courses at a sit-down meal, and close-up magic during the drinks reception.

To hire a magician for your wedding event, follow this checklist to get the best out of hiring a magician:

1.     Ask for a promo:

A professional magician always has a video showreel to display their abilities to the customers. Showreel video is very helpful to check out their performance, capabilities, and style to have an idea they are a good match for your event.

2.     Customer reviews:

Genuine reviews from previous customers make you sure to read through the biography of each act and trick on their profile page. An experienced magician provides you with an impressive list of their previous satisfied clients.

3.     Professional portfolio:

An experienced magician do efforts to present themselves professionally, have some certificates or awards to prove their magic expertise. Never opt for magicians who perform for fun or as a hobby. For your wedding event, select a professional who will give an excellent level of quality services.

4.     Member of the Magic Circle:

If you are in search of a highly professional and capable magician, then go for the best magician who has been a member of the world’s most prestigious magic club ‘’ The Magic Circle’’. To get the membership of this club, a magician has to pass a practical exam.

5.     Insurance:

A professional magician is always fully insured. When hiring a magician for wedding, ask him/her for PLI (public liability insurance) and always get a copy of their insurance for your venue as a proof. Wedding venues mostly insist on PLI. Otherwise, they may not allow the magician to perform.

6.     Cost:

You indeed get what you pay for and if you cut corners to save your money then don’t mind risking the success of your event. Few hundreds of dollars will be a smaller part of your wedding budget. Still, it will bring something extraordinary with unforgettable happy memories.

Magical Katrina is a reputed and popular female magician in Los Angeles. She is the winner of ‘’Ace of entertainer’’ (2019), ‘’ Magic Slam Munich, Germany’’( 2020), and ‘’Virtual Magic Contest’’ (2020). She provides her best magical performance services for weddings, celebrations, corporate events, happy hours, and zoom meetings. Magical Katrina is a great addition to any wedding. She gets your guests talking and laughing while providing you with lots of photo opportunities and so many memorable moments.