Wedding D

There are many things in the world of wedding planning that are somewhat confusing. Not many of us learned to immerse ourselves in this world, but the truth is that everything has its order. And not because the old matrons have established it that way, but because there will be certain choices that should be made first than others.

A large part of this also affects something that you have been carrying for several months, or even years, dreaming: the dress. There are too many things that nobody is going to tell you about buying the right dress. Things that are learned with experience and that, unless you decide to make a career as a wedding planner, experience that will not be of much use to you. That is why we have collected the advice of expert sailors to choose your perfect Gluecksgefuehl Brautmode.

Before you start to see dresses

  1. The first thing is to choose the place.Many brides, carried away by the emotion of the moment, buy their dress as soon as they can. This is a common mistake. If you buy the dress first, you will limit the options for the place to celebrate your reception. And not because there is a strict dress code, the problem is that there are certain dresses that can not be worn everywhere. For example, if you want a beach wedding, it will be almost impossible to wear a large and heavy dress. The same happens with garden weddings, a large and heavy dress will make you can not move and your heels are buried in the floor. Do not limit your dress: first choose the location.
  2. The perfect time to buy your dress. Although there is not an exact time, definitely not too soon. What is recommended is that you do not start to see dresses 12 months before your wedding date, but until you have defined a budget for the dress and the place for the reception.
  3. Set prioritieseven if you can pay months without interest , do not want to pay your wedding dress until your wedding silver. Sure, we all dream some time, innocently, but you do not have to feel too pressured by it. Is the dress your priority part of the wedding? Or maybe you prefer to invest in a good set, a thematic party or a great photographer. Think about it because the dress is only for you.


When choosing a dress

  1. Beware of boutique dresses.Most bridal shops have “cheap lines”, where the pieces can cost modest amounts, between one thousand and fifteen hundred dollars. It is a good saving, but you must take into account that it is a dress that will only last the day of the party, although honestly, probably do not require more. Some wedding experts say that these dresses begin to be thrown away already at the end of the party, so if you plan to leave your daughter’s dress, better choose a non-economic line. Although, better save that pressure and choose the one you want, just like you.
  2. Demand a fixed price for your custom dress.If you did not like anything in the stores and chose to send it to make, ask the designer a fixed price that includes fluctuations in the cost of fabric, materials, etc. Many times, the price goes up because the fabric also does it and it is something you do not want to fight with. From the beginning put this question in clear and save yourself dislikes.
  3. Before buying the dress, buy the underwear that you will wear under itand take it to the tests. It is very important. Many brides leave this step at the end and then it is a problem to find an adequate one. Buy also the belt that you will wear so that you can also measure it with the dress. Remember: it is quite likely that your wedding nightis not exactly the night of the wedding, between the party and fatigue (and more if you have to go on a trip the next day), surely that is going to delay a bit that question. So do not push yourself to buy a cute and uncomfortable underwear, under the dress something cute and functional.
  4. Measure your dress, jump and move in it. There are gorgeous wedding dresses that are not designed in a functional way. Unless you want to look like a doll unable to move, move when you go to try on the dress. The day of your wedding you will also want to do it.
  5. Wedding trends are changing, but they do not move too fast. So do not leave your dress last. This beautiful world takes much longer to renew and be different, so it is not advisable to wait until the date approaches to buy it. Remember that it is highly likely that your dress requires at least one modification, which requires several weeks to complete.
  6. Finally: give yourself the opportunity to experiment. There is much more than the strapless dress that makes you look like a princess. There is a whole beautiful bridal world out there.