Do you know who an elopement photographer is?

One helps couples arrange and shoot intimate weddings for those who desire a “just us” event. Elopement photographers not only capture the adventure elopements in crazy destinations, but elopements are intimate weddings that can look like:


  • A couple signing their paperwork at a courthouse
  • A small group of friends (about 4 to 5) surrounding a couple as they say “I Do” on Railay Beach
  • Two people exchanging vows in a jungle just in front of the bark of the giant old tree


To chronicle the complete journey and preserve the pair’s unique tale with spectacular photos to display at home, the couple hires an elopement photographer. Because of this reason, it is important to hire an experienced elopement photographer who can do this job correctly.


Escapades or elopements are purposefully personal, meaningful, and authentic weddings that are a true expression of the couple’s relationship, with all of the attention on them on their special day. In other words, it’s about getting rid of all the pressure, worry, and responsibility that comes with weddings. It allows couples to spend their life together however and wherever they choose. Elopement photos capture this special moment in time.

What is it like to be an elopement photographer?

Being an elopement photographer means packing your bags and heading off to one of your favorite local locations to enjoy the natural beauty. You spend months helping a lovely couple to arrange their small but meaningfully intimate wedding.


It looks like reconnecting with long-lost pals when you see them in person for the first time. It is all about assisting that couple in creating an amazing experience that solely focuses on them. An elopement photographer spends the entire day helping the couple to develop activities that seem “completely them.”


When an elopement couple reads their handwritten, personal vows, they are overcome with emotions and tears, and in those moments, an elopement photographer makes them feel free & safe to do so. As a witness of their most precious moments, an elopement photographer becomes so closer to the couple’s hearts because they’ve been such an essential part of their wedding day. An elopement photographer saves a couple from having a huge day that wasn’t their style.

Is elopement photography easier than big wedding photography?

No, it is a big misconception about elopement photography. It is a general perception that elopement photography is nothing but capturing a couple in their wedding gown, at a gorgeous location, for 2 to 4 hours of enjoyable portraiture.

In many cases, instead of merely taking pictures, elopement photographers act as a guide and a wedding planner. An elopement photographer is usually the first person a couple reaches out to for advice. A professional elopement photographer helps a couple with everything from choosing a location(s) to other important elopement matters like:


  • Deciding their wedding date
  • Recommending vendors (if required)
  • Making their epic elopement a reality


A real wedding day will be remembered for the rest of one’s life. Elopements are so much more than “beautiful photoshoots on mountaintops or other unusual places, but these are about the moments, the emotion, the smiles and laughter they bring. Photographing a small wedding deserves the same attention and care as photographing a large wedding.