To enhance the overall look of attire and to create an attractive appearance, accessories play a vital role. A complete fashion and style look simply remains incomplete without proper accessories, be it is for women or men. Cufflinks contribute as the essential part of men’s fashion, and these are kind of a piece of jewelry for a man that is ornamental and functional too.

Although cufflinks are traditionally associated with the semiformal and formal evening wear for men, but they can easily fill an astonishing range of wardrobe role. These versatile little fasteners are tools to fasten the shirt cuffs closed. These are stylish and sophisticated alternatives of buttons.

Similar to the buttons cufflinks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials, but these are more ornamental options that are not inherently formal. You can observe dozens of variations in the types of cufflinks and the most common are:


  • Bullet Back Cufflinks
  • Button or Stud Style Cufflinks
  • Whale Back Cufflinks
  • Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks
  • Ball Return Cufflinks
  • Chain Link Cufflinks
  • Fabric Cufflinks
  • Knot Cufflinks


Cufflinks can be made of anything from wood, crystals, carbon fiber, enamel, glass, onyx, mother-of-pearl, gunmetal, titanium, gold, silver, diamond, etc.

Mostly cufflinks are used for formal and semiformal occasions like business meeting, wedding, a corporate event, or any fashion event. Proper look of tuxedos and suits is simply incomplete without cufflinks. There is no hard and fast rule to wear cufflinks; you can wear cufflinks when you want to wear. The only restriction is the selection of suitable shirts and the budget you have to buy cufflinks.


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