You celebrate your 12th anniversary?! 12 years passed! So you will celebrate your silk Wedding Anniversary! Traditional and modern 12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for her are suggested for couples.

12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

The tradition is to offer a silk gift on this occasion. Brocade, crepe, chiffon, poplin, satin, shantung, silk, raw silk … are so many precious and refined fabrics to express your feelings and love the other as we love being “silk” even!

Chiffon Gift

And do not go complaining about the expense! You’re lucky!

On one, according to the well-known proverb “when you love it does not count!”

Two, you have found “the shoe fits” and the size seems to be good. The fit is comfortable, quality finishes: history lasted 12 years!

Three, you passed with flying colors on the course, say fateful, 7 years of marriage! So you’re either tough or better or simply happy in love! You defeat all by yourself (well with your pair) national divorce statistics. Hats off!

Diamond Gift

Four: just imagine what it will cost you to your wedding Gold or Diamond!
Finally, think a little embarrassment when you need to choose your gift to:

  • Camellia wedding (51 years): an invitation to a cough?
  • Maple wedding (58 years): any return trip to Quebec is around €900 per person in low season!
  • Wedding Larch (69): you have no sawmill near the house …
  • Ochre wedding (71 years): she hates the dust …

You who had carefully avoided the trap of leather Wedding (2 years), knowing no serious leather goods and fearing that this leather (yet without nails) after only 24 months of living is a little too “explicit”…

Not really, it was telling you: 12 years is the right age!

And since you are succeeded, here are some gift ideas quite affordable for your twelfth wedding anniversary.

For her or for him (Best 12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for her)

– A silk scarf, a tie or a sleep mask!

Silk Anniversary Gifts

– A beautiful cloth silk! Ideally, two to have a spare silk cloth!

Silk Duvet Covers


– A silk duvet covers!

– A lovely silk bed linen !

– A duvet for the summer , another for half a season , one for winter, or better yet  a duvet “Four Seasons” to sleep in silk for any occasion!

For literary:


– The 4 volumes of the novel by Jean-Paul Malaval “Silk Les Noces”! Alas, here we cannot help you!

 For those who love a little more wealthy and loving second degree, we recommend:

– A trip to China, silk found its origins in the Middle Kingdom!

Best Place For Couples

– Offer 12 gifts, ideally silk!

Whatever your choice, be sure to send an appropriate message with a beautiful personalized card saying “Happy Anniversary” or just “I love you”!