mobile bar for your wedding

‘’Alcohol! Because no great story ever began with a salad.’’

Have you selected a marquee space or a blank canvas venue for your wedding? Then how you are going to manage a bar there? Usually, caterers happily provide open or simple cash bar services at your wedding, but why don’t you try a unique mobile bar Hire Company for your big day? After the entire hangover only lasts a day, but memories last for a lifetime.

The mobile wedding bar hire company has a single soul focus and that’s the reason they offer certain amazing styles with a touch of more creativity which can definitely add a touch extra fun element at the wedding. Are you seriously thinking of run the bar yourself because of your tight budget???

If yes then get ready for empty glasses piling up around the venue, portion control out of the window, and guests inevitably going to run out of clean. It is really important to know the importance of a mobile bar Hire Company on your wedding day:

  • Go with your theme:

Mobile bar services complement vintage and rustic- themed weddings.

  • Drinks on top:

Mobile bar services keep the drinks flowing for the whole day-and-night as they ensure a constant source of celebratory drinks on the big day.

  • Cater to the masses:

Mobile bar Hire Company offers a selection of drinks that a couple can choose for their guests. So, they have a wide range of options to choose from soft drinks to champagne.

  • Professional staff:

Professional mobile bar services have a professional team that is fully licensed who exactly knows when there is the limit of a guest to have enough drinks.

  • Entertainment:

The mobile bar element adds a touch of extra special for your guests and keeps their excitement level at a high.

  • Photo opportunity:

A memorable picture of your wedding in front of a mobile bar is something adds a classic or innovative touch in your wedding album and the photographer gets snap-happy faces there.

  • Dress up your drink:

Mobile bar Hire Company provides personalized cocktail umbrellas, favorable cordial flavoring, and drinking straws to match with your wedding theme.

  • An alfresco experience:

Springs and summers always give a chance to plan exciting outdoor weddings. A mobile bar Hire Company compliments your buffets and barbecue set up and adds an extravaganza touch to your wedding.

SJW Events & BARS:

From bespoke cocktails and vintage wines to champagne, SJW Events & Bars go above and beyond to provide perfect combinations of drinks to accompany your big day. We work on every finer detail to make your special day more splendid. We have two beautiful and stylish mobile bars available that amazingly complement a variety of venues. We have brilliant bar staff who are professional, friendly, and love to make your wedding day even more special with the outclass bar services.

From drinks cooling, ice for drinks, and single-use glasses, to all cellar and bar equipment and removal of rubbish leave everything to us. SJW Events & BARS know the importance of your wedding day and we assure you to make it even more memorable with an alcoholic touch of happiness.