tungsten & wood wedding bands

Tungsten rings are very popular among men and it’s the absolute choice for wedding bands, fashion, and as a mark of future commitment. Undoubtedly it simply reigns in the world of Men jewelry. When this metallic strength combines with natural wood beauty, the wonder of wood and metal ring appears. When tungsten keeps wood inlay it becomes a style statement. There is a vast variety of wood inlays, finishes, and colors that can change the entire look of a ring. These tungsten rings with wood inlay are simply amazing as a perfect wedding band or wedding ring for men in many ways:

  • This stunning combination of tungsten carbide and wood provides these wood wedding bands incredible durability that lasts for a very long time.
  • The protection of the jewelry-epoxy layer makes the ring more durable as well as waterproof.
  • A grain texture or lines go side to side between edges proofs the authentic wood inlay that provides glory and excellence to this magnificent piece of Men wedding band.
  • The affordability of tungsten metal than other traditional metal rings is also another plus factor.
  • These tungsten rings with wood inlay have a variety of options to choose from. Plated to colored and simple to intricate there are lots of sophisticated options to go with.
  • A variety of wood is used to create these sleek and stylish masterpieces. Rosewood, Mahogany wood, Koa wood, Zebrawood, Sapele wood, and Padauk wood are some of the woods use as an inlay for wood and tungsten wedding bands.

The Artisan Rings:

It is not about wedding bands only the designs, elegance, and style of these Men’s rings are simply breathtaking and these can be used as a perfect gift for Men too. TheArtisanRings.com is a platform where you can buy genuine wood and tungsten wedding bands with a guarantee. Theartisanrings.com provides unique and intricate handmade items that can compliment your choice and artistic taste in every way.