We know that this useful accessory can be used both for warm-up and to be comfortable after a delicious bath. But are you sure you have chosen the right bathrobe? Today we will show you some wonderful tips to buy the perfect mens robe. Keep reading and discover with us everything you need to know before shopping.

Identifying a luxury garment when buying the perfect bathrobe

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There are a variety of things that you should observe when buying your bathrobes, whether you need them for yourself, your guests, and your business or as a gift to a loved one. Fortunately, today we will tell you some of the most important conditions that this garment must fulfill to ensure that it is of the best quality. This really is a very important factor since it will ensure a longer life of each piece.
Your bathrobe should always be made with the finest materials and manufactured with care to achieve the desired effect. In addition, you should not neglect the details as these could make this garment the perfect accessory for after the bath. Look, for example, at the following characteristics to realize that it is a luxury product:

  • Double stitching to prevent the edges from fraying.
  • Large pockets for more shelter or provide the guest with a place to store small items that need to be handy.
  • Hanging strip to improve storage possibilities.
  • Legitimate label with details about the origin of the product and the quality of the material.

Importance of the manufacturing process

Everything related to the manufacture of your accessory is key when it comes to buying the perfect bathrobe. Your design, the choice of materials and other physical aspects will determine the quality of it, so you should make your choice not only based on the price but also in these important details , especially when it comes to clothes you will buy for commercial use.

Organic options

If you really want to make sure that your products are perfect for personal care, it is good to opt for organic robe. Free of dyes, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, it is exactly what cotton should be, nothing more or nothing less, an effect that is achieved by worrying about every detail from the moment the seed is sown.
Not only is it an excellent alternative for the environment due to the lack of chemicals in its manufacture, but it is also healthier because less water is used to grow this, unlike conventional cotton. In addition, many reports have found that this material is much softener with skins that suffer from allergy, psoriasis, eczema or are simply highly sensitive.

Benefits of personalized bathrobes

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If we talk about details, nothing better to add a special touch to your clothes than to personalize them. When you buy for your business, even more! It is important to make your brand make a difference. At least, you can have a model that is characteristic of your company, a pattern or even a message recorded in the bathrobes, it’s just a matter of having creativity and determine what feature could call the attention of your accessories among any other on the market.
Also, if you need them for your hotel or inn, maybe some of your guests will want to make a special order to commemorate the time they enjoyed there, so you should not miss this excellent opportunity to please the customer. Make personalized orders with their names, initials or a beautiful monogram, you will see how people will never forget it and will want to return again and again.

Instructions to wash your bathrobe properly

We recommend using a delicate detergent in the cleaning of your clothes. To maintain the softness of your bathrobes, start the process of washing with water at 60ºC, it can be part of a complete load of towels or other similar pieces, in similar or equal tones to avoid bleed accidents.
If you do not put the pieces in a complete load, it is very possible that your cloth produces pilling or you get small spots of cloth on its surface by rubbing with the drum of the washing machine. After the squeezing process, it is good to re-stretch the product to its normal shape while still wet, and for drying you should only use warm air at low level, always avoiding to dry the garment in excess.
Finally, do not forget to wash the garment before the first use for greater absorption. Follow these washing tips and you will see how your after-bath accessory will work wonders for you. We hope that our tips to buy the perfect bathrobe will be very useful.