wedding photography

James Thomas is an amazing Essex wedding photographer and he believes in capturing magical moments of the wedding day in a most natural and real way and that is why he advises…

‘’Start taking pictures of people, and stop capturing poses.’’

It is truly challenging to master posing during the wedding day. A photographer has no control over emotions, locations, and situations. It needs experience and passion to capture stunning images confidently for what your couple hired you. Here are three amazing tips by  James Thomas ”Essex wedding photographer” that will help you for posing with confidence:

  • Make a couple comfortable:

As a professional photographer, it is the key to ensure that your couple is confident with you. They believe in you and your capabilities to save their biggest moments. To build their trust, you can call their name often. It will make them realize that you are dedicated to creating the best wedding album of them. You took the time to learn their names give them confidence and trust to open up and share their love story.

  • Be specific & keep communicating:

To give confidence to your couple in front of the camera, be specific with your directions. Keep talking throughout the shoot and give specific commands to make it easier for them to follow. It will ensure confidence and they will let their guards down and will reveal their genuine emotions.

  • Keep professionalism:

Professionalism is your biggest quality for which couple has chosen you and they believe that you can capture their moments amidst any crisis. Sudden weather or light changes, missing factors of the shoot, and violations of timeline are some unpredictable factors of the wedding day, and a professional wedding photographer must be eligible to tackle these issues in the most appropriate way professionally.

James is a photographer who is extremely in love with his profession and this is the biggest secret of his success. He believes in creating magic and he is dedicated to providing outstanding photography services on your wedding day to keep the beautiful, charming, and joyful moments of that big day always fresh in your wedding album.