The Shelbourne Hotel Sydney – a dream wedding venue

The legendary Shelbourne hotel has been celebrating love since 1824. The hotel provides a wonderful backdrop for your big day, a short walk from Dublin’s most iconic sites, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College. Shelbourne’s team takes care of everything when it comes to arranging and personalizing your wedding day. The Shelbourne Hotel Wedding has the capacity to entertain gatherings of 10 to 300 people.


For a day to remember, Shelbourne is a stunning location. A small, candle-lit supper for a handful of your closest friends and family members may be your ideal wedding. You may attend a lavish gala with all your close friends and family members. It may be a combination of both.

Every bride and groom’s dream come true on the morning of their wedding here.

What makes this hotel an unforgettable wedding venue

The Shelbourne Hotel Sydney is ideal for such a stylish and refined wedding. Sydney’s central business district is home to this historic venue, which opened its doors in 1902. This stylish, historic, and sophisticated location is ideal for high-end weddings, thanks to the venue’s century of event management expertise.

Capacity and Infrastructure of the Shelbourne Hotel Sydney

The Shelbourne Hotel Sydney has a variety of event rooms to choose from. For couples, The Rooftop Sydney has a contemporary room for socializing. In the past, it was known as the Altitude Bar. The property has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a wonderful sky view, thanks to a spectacular roof opening.


In addition, these windows allow visitors to gaze out over Sydney Harbor. This venue is ideal for gatherings, parties, weddings, or receptions. It has a movable roof that allows you to transform the space into an alfresco-style environment. It’s a great rooftop bar because of its aspect and the great service.


There’s enough for a dance floor and a private bar in this L-shaped area. It may also be tailored to suit your wedding’s seating arrangement. In addition, the LinQ Bar is a fantastic venue for private parties and gatherings. The setting is ideal for gatherings of many kinds, especially for a lavish Shelbourne Hotel Wedding or an engagement party.


This room stands out from the rest of the Shelbourne Hotel wedding alternatives thanks to its contemporary and one-of-a-kind design. The use of bi-fold windows enhances the venue’s spaciousness. As they overlook Darling Harbour, you’ll have beautiful scenery in the backdrop.

The room has a lounge area, a dancing floor, a private bar, and long communal seats. It may be tailored to meet the specific needs of the happy couple. Unlike anything you’ll find at any other wedding venue, it’s a luxury cruise.