The Historic And Beautiful Moffitt Manor

An 18th-century manor located in Altamont Tennessee Moffitt Manor has been restored to stunning condition. Equipped with crystal chandeliers, a chef’s kitchen, two clawfoot tubs, two showers, two foyers, numerous fireplaces, and three family rooms. Able to accommodate 14-16 people comfortably.

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The perfect getaway and perfect for virtually any kind of event or celebration. Moffitt Manor is the epitome of beauty, comfort, and style. Perfect for friendly gatherings or memory creating events. Moffitt Manor provides a comfortable, quiet, and luxurious experience at reasonable pricing. Tennessee Wedding Venue

Beautiful Scenery

Centered on the top of the mountains, this historic 18th Century Manor in Altamont, Tennessee, is perfect for practically any special event. Set in a scenic and tranquil area of Tennesse. It’s beautiful surroundings, and settings offer a unique, quiet, peaceful, and unforgettable experience no matter what the event.

Luxurious Amenities

Four thousand four hundred sixty square feet and beautiful modern amenities. Rich, traditional furnishings, in classic detail. Decked out with beautiful ceramic flooring. You’ll find elegant wall coverings in all the rooms. Upscale hardwoods. High-speed internet. Set in a prime location with plenty of parking. Six bedrooms that sleep 14-16 people comfortably. A beautiful mansion that’s a member of the national historical society.

Immaculate And Clean

Rooms at the Moffitt Manor are always clean and Immaculate. The linen is always washed and sanitized. Clean Immaculate rooms accentuate and compliment the historic design. Surrounding areas comprised of historical monuments offer beautiful scenery and memorable experiences. Immaculate and unparalleled beauty and historic design provides a unique and unforgettable experience. Moffitt Manor is fashionable, affordable, and gorgeous.

Delicious Country Cuisine

When dining at Moffit Manor, you can expect country specialties that are sure to satisfy the palette. Meals consist of homemade buttermilk biscuits, coleslaw, homemade from scratch fried chicken, chicken dumplings, organic canned green beans, organic garden-grown mashed potatoes, broccoli au gratin, five cheese chicken casserole, pasta salad, homemade sweet tea, as just some options.

Plenty Of Accessible Entertainment Spots

Gatlinburg’s Melting Pot offers fine dining with delicacies like wild mushroom Sacchetti,
artisan bread, cold water lobster tail, garlic-pepper sirloin steak, cured meats, fondue with fruits and vegetables. As well as many delectable desserts such as chocolate fondue.

The Johnny Cash Museum offers a vast array of Johnny Cash memorabilia. A cafe and coffee shop are available for the hungry and thirsty. It also provides a 1-2 hour self-guided tour.

The Ole Smokey Distillery offers live music, big screen T.V., quality merchandise, moonshine tasting, great food, and fun atmosphere.

Reasonably priced at $1,099.99 for 7 Hour Banquet Estate Rental. $999.99 for the 6 Hour Rental Retirement Party. $1,299.99 for 24 Hour Valentines Day Home Rental. For more information regarding specific pricing for all events, visit-