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Music is the heart and soul of every celebration! It combines many tasks that make a party a successful party: music can serve as a vehicle for emotions or entertainment, bring the mood to a climax, but can also be a real mood killer.

It ensures that guests and organizers either go home happy and satisfied or with a bitter aftertaste. So that the live band for wedding Singapore will be the icing on your wonderful wedding, we have put together a few tips that you should pay attention to when choosing music!

The tasks of music at a wedding

At no other celebration does music have so many different tasks than at a wedding! Due to the numerous program items during a wedding celebration, the music has to match a wide variety of situations and moods: solemn wedding music for the civil wedding, epic sounds for a pompous entry into the church, a soundscape to accompany a champagne reception and wedding dinner, to set the mood for the celebration perfect song for the first dance and the popular hits for the party. Every single element of a wedding needs the right music that supports and rounds off the ambience and the happy mood.

Inappropriate music can be a factor that should not be underestimated at the wedding and wedding reception. Also keep in mind that several generations are often present at a wedding. So make sure that you choose at least for the quiet part of your wedding music that is pleasant for all tastes and ages. In the end, however, you are the most important people at your wedding and you have the last word on the musical design of the day!

Important for the music – the wedding band

A live band is always an absolute highlight at a wedding. There are two different ways to include a band in your wedding program. One possibility is to book a traditional wedding band, which can give you and your guests a colorful repertoire of cover songs. From old classics to the latest chart hits – a classic wedding band provides a wide, varied stage program and can also cater to the special wishes of wedding guests. The other option is to hire your favorite band. She then does not play the traditional and popular wedding hits from different decades, but a selection from her own songs.

Tips for booking a wedding band

Jazz band, dance band or soloist – live music always creates a good atmosphere. To bring the different tastes under one roof: choose a band that is versatile! Classical dance music, mood songs, songs from the hit parades, games and animation – all this should be able to offer a professional wedding band, so that every age group has fun.

Our tip: Be sure to listen to the band of your choice beforehand. Almost all bands provide demo tapes for this purpose or watch a live performance – if you have the opportunity.

Found a suitable band. So that everything works like clockwork on your big day and you have gotten all the problems that might arise with the band before the celebration, we have put together a list of what you put into the contract with the band should bring in. Record these 5 points in writing:

  1. Day and place of the event
  2. Beginning and end of musical entertainment
  3. Number and length of breaks
  4. Agrees a total price and asks about the cost of possible extension hours.
  5. Discuss special services such as feeding the band or organizing dance games.

Wedding Music – A DJ for your wedding party

In order to create the right mood for your wedding, you can also hire a DJ to provide musical accompaniment to the meal and the appropriate hits for the dance floor. This is usually cheaper than a wedding band with several people and also takes up less space for the mixer than the band with the numerous instruments. A DJ also has a wide repertoire of party hits for dancing.

He can also easily respond to special requests made in advance. But let yourselves before you you for a DJ decides definitely work samples give to see if it meets your requirements. Nothing can spoil the mood at a party faster than a DJ who chokes off favorite songs or doesn’t properly arrange the transitions between the individual songs.

Is the bride and groom themselves – even with wedding music?

For newlyweds on a smaller budget, it makes sense to take care of the music at your wedding party. In the past, you had to laboriously compile CDs and change the CD once an hour, but today it is a lot easier with a computer, a music program and a playlist to ensure a coherent musical experience during your wedding.

Of course, putting together a playlist also takes a lot of time and effort! Here you have to prove your own DJ qualities, put yourself in your guests’ shoes and develop a feeling for when and in which order the songs should be played. The advantage of a self-made playlist is that it only contains your personal favorite pieces and if a song does not quite fit the mood, you can simply skip it! But make sure that a high-quality system is available in your location or rent a sound system if necessary. Because even the best music selection does not help if the player and the boxes do not do it justice.

Our tip: You don’t trust yourself to put together a playlist, but do you have music fans in your friends? Ask a good friend whose taste you trust to create a playlist and keep an eye on the music yourself on the wedding day.

Music for a great mood – popular wedding songs

There are some indispensable classics in songs that couples call “your song” or choose for their first dance. But every year beautiful songs come on the market that expand and enrich this list. So every year has its trends in choosing the wedding song. Get inspired by wedding plaza!