live wedding band

A reputable and high-quality live wedding band may provide a particular, unforgettable touch to your wedding event, which most couples desire. Though live wedding bands create a whimsical kind of environment for your wedding reception, there are few restrictions that they must have to follow.


Here are some of the common issues that live wedding bands Scotland must care for:


  • A band must follow the instructions given by the couple for their wedding reception. Of course, their opinion and suggestions matter a lot, but at the end of the day, this is couples day, and a live band has to go with the vibes the bride and groom want to create.
  • A band will need a lot of room and a lot of power outlets, and between performances, band members will constantly require a break, which might cause a gap in the music. Therefore they have to discuss this with the couple and prepare a playlist to fill in the gaps.
  • A live band, unlike a DJ, need all of the musicians to rehearse and prepare the song for the big day.
  • Of course, some DJs are excellent performers who will interact with guests in the same way that a live band would, but in general, a live wedding band would have a stronger stage presence than a DJ. Guests of all ages must enjoy and be surprised by their set-list of cover versions of popular songs, which must need to include something for everyone.
  • Many wedding venues now include hardware sound limiters that may stop the power to the artists if the noise level exceeds a particular threshold. DJs can comply with these limits far more easily than live bands. For the DJ, it’s simply a question of dialling down the volume to keep the music below the predetermined decibel level.
  • But it is more difficult to balance the volume of a live band since acoustic drums, wind instruments, and some types of vocalists can’t always be quieted to the point of creating a sound that falls below the decibel limit.