Having peace of mind and finding a sustainable life balance are states that make many people fantasize. Why we have no peace of mind? How to have peace of mind? Discover now our tips to find inner peace and choose the exercise that suits you to soothe your mind.

What disturbs our serenity of mind? 

The daily tumult of the 21st century

You are asked to be reachable permanently, or at least you believe it. Among your work, your family life, your sports activity and the hazards of everyday life, you do not have a minute to yourself. In any case, that’s your impression. You need a vacation, but you cannot afford it. You would like to read a book, but you cannot find the time. At each desire, there is a “but”. Having peace of mind in the 21st century is, if not art, a form of skill.

Now it’s happening

Who has never dreamed of living on a desert island with the chosen one of his heart? Or envied the peace of mind of the Buddhist living in his monastery? Or to leave everything to go around the world? Unless you anticipate a radical change in your life, it’s unlikely to happen overnight. So both find balance and serenity of mind here and now. In This Moment Is Your Miracle book as your guide, you’ll learn how to trust inner guidance and accept life’s miracles; to find true freedom and peace of mind. There has never been a better time than now!

What is having peace of mind?

Serenity does not mean going to live in the woods to escape all that torments you and go in search of the absence of trouble. It is on the contrary to stay in your situation and find a way to live it well. Stop dreaming of another life and accept yours. Change even radically from perspective: experience the gratitude of being who you are and having what you have. Honor your life.

How to have peace of mind 

Are you looking for effective advice for peace of mind? Choose an exercise every week to soothe your mind:

  • Breathe. When you do not have a calm mind, stress wins you and you stop breathing with fluidity. Breathe and have peace of mind go hand in hand. Begin to inspire and exhale consciously will help you find a balance of life every day.
  • Let go. There are tasks you do not like to delegate and responsibilities you do not want to trust, let alone chores that no one else can do. Try anyway. Just to see. And if you do not have peace of mind, ask yourself the worst thing that could happen if you let go of ballast.
  • Have peace of mind with meditation. When the mind is not serene, it reverberates everywhere: on your sleep, your well-being, your work and your loved ones. Meditation is the exercise to appease the spirit par excellence; you will become aware of the multitude of thoughts that constantly cross you and learn to let them come and go. You will also learn to do everything in full awareness, without haste.
  • Embrace the surprises of the life that awaits you. Every morning, write all your thoughts in a notebook: dreams, fears, doubts, desires, projects, states of souls. Do not censor anything. Then close your notebook and abandon the life you have planned to live the surprises of the one that awaits you.
  • Try to be offline for a day, a weekend or even a whole week. E-mails, social networks notifications and WhatsApp discussions: there is not a day going on without your activities being interrupted by the ringing of your smartphone. Say goodbye to all this. We guarantee you that the Earth will continue to turn.