Mirror Photo Booths

Photo booths have come a long way, and now these have become a ‘’MUST HAVE’’ part of graduation parties, birthdays, and other occasions. But can you consider hiring a photo booth for a wedding?


Of course, you can!

When it is a matter of creating a sense of fun and making pleasant memories, hiring a magic mirror is a way to get the very best entertainment with an added advantage of high-definition imagery. A mirror photo booth is a sensation ever since they surfaced. People now prefer to hire these booths rather than hire some other type of photo booths. These mirror photo booths add a state of the art value addition and changing the way people celebrate an occasion.

Mirror Photo Booths

The psychology behind the concept of mirror photo booths:

The psychological aspects of mirror photo booths are far more critical than the technical aspects. Mirror photo booth impacts human psychology more positively and generates a pleasing impact on people in so many ways. According to Mirror Me Photo Booth Washington DC, some of the impressive psychological implications of the mirror photo booth are:


  • These photo booths come up with mirrors designed in a way as people want to get clicked. It satisfies human nature and their self-obsession (either active or passive) needs. Even people who don’t show off their self-obsession would love to see themselves being clicked.
  • The majority of these photo booths have interactive touch screen technology that adds more frolics to the photo sessions. People can use these booths in their respective comfort zones because they do so many things, from various emojis to tell you about the weather, single and collage photos, and inform you about your stocks.
  • The digital photo technology of these mirror photo booths helps users look their best by smoothing out imperfection. The SLR camera technology allows users to get hard copies right away with high-quality, high-speed printers. Everyone can get their picture copyright there and have no need to wait for months to see their photo in the wedding album.
  • It gives a ‘’mirror on the wall’’ effect that provokes the household habit of looking at self in the mirror. The high tech value additions to these mirror photo booths make the experience of watching yourself in the mirror more satisfying and cheerful.
  • These mirrors have animations also that make these photo booths more popular. These mirror booths add various moods from fun, glamour, horror, humor, and anger according to what a user demands. From playing pre-recorded wish messages to adding a customized message with signatures, you can expect all psychological boosts from these innovative photo booths.

These photo booths are not just a selfie photo booth but full-size cameras that allow you to fit way more details and people into every photo. These magic mirror booths don’t require a lot of space either, and you can easily place them anywhere at your wedding venue.

So if you are searching for a fun way to capture photos on your big day, Mirror Me Photo Booth Washington DC, provides you best photo booth near me affordable services. Selfie Mirror Me Photo Booth service by FM event production is second to none in providing the best photo booths for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.