Pattu sarees from kanchipuram- Know what you are buying!

The exceptionally popular Kanchipuram pattu sarees belongs to the South, just like the Benarasi silk saree belongs to the North of India. It is the immaculateness of the texture which makes Kanchipuram pattu sarees a standout amongst the most loved silk sarees in India and abroad. These exquisite pattu sarees, woven with the brilliant zari strings in a wide range of tones, was created as the legend says by God’s very own weavers.

It was around 400 years back that these silk sarees were woven amid the rule of King Krishna Deva Raya lastly turned into the forte of the township of Kanchipuram where the weavers in the long run settled. From here, came the name of Kanchipuram silk sarees which are even now worn for all extraordinary and favorable events in the South, and picking up in prevalence around the nation.

Initially these silk sarees were woven with genuine gold and silver zari which used to originate from Gujarat and South Indian silk, whose strings were plunged in rice water to give it that rich greatness. They were at first woven into all the way, yet off late sixyard lengths are increasingly supported and effectively worn by the women.

Today one can purchase two sorts of pattu sarees from kanchipuram. One is the best line as the first form with genuine silver string dunked into unadulterated gold to make gold zari, and afterward the more moderate variant, where copper wire electroplated with silver is utilized rather than unadulterated silver string to make zari.

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With a wide range of South Silk sarees flooding the market here’s the manner by which you should check if what you are purchasing is the genuine Kanchipuram saree or not.

1.Check how the outskirt and pallu has been joined in the pattu saree

In a Kanchipuram pattu saree, the fringe and pallu are independently woven and after that connected to the primary body of the saree. With a careful, work escalated procedure, the body is appended to the fringe and pallu which are all in differentiating hues to one another and with fluctuating sorts of zari work. Where the body is joined to the pallu, the petni method is utilized to make a tight cover of twofold thickness where twist and weft hues converge to give a shot tint.

2.Check the nature of the silk which ought to be unadulterated, thick and lustrous

Both the pallu and the body ought to have a similar load of thick and gleaming silk or pattu. There ought to be no trade off on the silk quality as it is the virtue of texture which makes pattu sarees from kanchipuram  a standout amongst the most loved silk sarees in India and abroad. These are woven with a thick three-handle string while less expensive impersonations utilize 2 employ lighter string, to make these sarees. Likewise, to look at virtue of silk pull a couple of strings from the twist and weft and light the closures with a matchstick. It will consume into a bundle of fiery remains. In the event that you rub this fiery remains between your fingertips and smell it, it should possess an aroma like consumed hair or consumed calfskin. The cinder of an impersonation counterfeit fiber will most likely not happen on consuming and rather the string will just splendidly fire up with an alternate smell.

3.Check the nature of the zari

On the off chance that you wish to purchase a genuine Kanchipuram pattu saree the zari must be checked for genuine silver dunked in 22-carat unadulterated gold. A basic route is to pull the zari separated. Genuine zari is made by folding the genuine silver string over a red silk string and afterward plunged into fluid gold. Counterfeit zari will have a white or some other shading string inside!

4.Look out for the run of the mill zari themes and subjects of the Kanchipuram saree

Kanchipuram sanctuaries are motivation for this saree. You should discover blossoms, vines, creatures, winged animals and yalis sourced from the perplexing carvings of their sanctuaries. Themes are likewise utilized on the body like the coin theme, jasmine bud structure, mango or paisley also. Expansive and slight as stripes and checks with zari or shaded string are additionally utilized.

Purchasing a Kanchipuram pattu saree resembles purchasing old craftsmanship, mixed with age old customs and inventive order. Look into the wide scope of Kanchipuram wedding silk sarees and bring home a bit of history with you.

Zari test to distinguish unadulterated Kanchipuram pattu saree

Search for the remaining detail of zari in the saree. Unadulterated zari is made of red silk string that is bent with a silver string and afterward dunked in 22 carat unadulterated gold. In the event that after pulling the zari, you find that the silk string isn’t red yet white or some other shading, you can be truly sure that the saree that you are purchasing is certifiably not an unadulterated Kanchipuram silk saree. Step by step instructions to distinguish unadulterated Kanchipuram silk saree turns out to be simple with this visual test.

On the off chance that the silk saree that you are purchasing is estimated at Rupees 8000 or even less, you can be entirely sure that it’s anything but an unadulterated Kanchipuram silk saree. Try not to purchase saree from a little shop or store and get it from a trustworthy and dependable shop. Silk Board of India has thought of an idea called Silk Mark that is granted just to unadulterated Kanchipuram silk sarees as it were. Search for this mark on the saree to make certain of its validity.

In the event that you have just bought the saree, you can get its zari tried at Zari test office set up by the administration in Kancheepuram. They will test the zari for an ostensible expense of Rupees 40 to affirm if the saree is unique or not.