It’s often a good idea to list all the wedding flowers you’ll need before meeting with a florist. You’ll be able to keep your talks on track and your spending under check. Traditional wedding flower arrangements include bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc.


They’re simply the tip of the iceberg for wedding flowers. Other methods to utilize flowers during a wedding include altars and table decorations. Wood flowers have become a new must of every wedding as they provide top-notch quality blooms. Wood flowers can bring your wedding ideas to life because of their durability, all seasonal availability, and affordable price.


Here’s a list of sola wood flower arrangements and floral items to assist you:

1.      Bride’s bouquet:

The bride carries a flowery bouquet down the aisle for photos. It’s one of the most crucial bridal flower elements. Depending on the flowers you choose, bouquets may be of various styles, colors, sizes, and forms. Ribbon, lace, and handkerchief may be wrapped around flower stems.

2.      Welcome table arrangements:

These decorations are an excellent addition to greet everyone as the day begins. You don’t have to go overboard with your décor if you use alternate aspects. You may use lanterns or branches or even terrariums as centerpieces.

3.      Aisle decorations:

When it comes to aisle decorations, wood flower arrangements on both sides of the aisle are a must. Adding a few little arrangements down the aisle is unnecessary since it frames the aisle and creates a beautiful picture. A lovely aisle may be found both at the beginning and the end of it.

4.      Flower centerpieces:

During the wedding, centerpieces are the primary attraction when it comes to flowers. These are the only things the visitors see all night long. Vintage wedding centerpieces devoid of flowers are trendy among newlyweds. Flower arrangements do nothing more than brighten the atmosphere and give the guests’ tables a romantic feel.

5.      Wedding bar décor:

Decorate your wedding reception bar or drink station with a few floral bridal arrangements and greenery garlands, either fixed in the venue or manufactured from rental products.

6.      Wedding welcome table:

Flowers on the welcome table at your wedding reception are easy to spice up, whether you display escort cards or your guest book.

7.      Floral pillars:

Wedding flowers may be put on columns to create a stunning entrance. Columns are often used at the beginning of a ceremonial aisle or on each side of the altar.

8.      Floral tie-back:

Using flowers as a tie-back, you may keep a curtain in place by attaching them to a ribbon. The backgrounds of the ceremony, the entrances to the venue, and the ornate arches are the most common places to witness this.

9.      Wedding reception venue entrance:

If your wedding reception is held inside or under a tent, you may choose to decorate the entryway with flowers or foliage that match the rest of your bridal flower arrangements. To greet your guests as they arrive at the celebration is a beautiful idea!

10. Wedding getaway car:

Are you planning to make a giant escape after the ceremony?


If you’re renting a particular vehicle, don’t forget to deck it up for the occasion. Adding a sign reading “Just Married” on the rear of a bridal floral arrangement is all that is needed. Before you venture out into the fading light, make sure to have your photographer capture this information.