candid wedding photography

Candid photography is the art of shooting images while the subject is unaware, natural, and without posing for the camera. Storytelling is emphasized more in candid wedding photography. Candid photographers combine fashion, architecture, portrait, product, and other types of photography into a single piece of work. It gives candid wedding photography a new meaning.


A candid photographer continually remains on the hunt for the perfect snap. To obtain the finest view, they’ll have to move around a lot. Sometimes it entails remaining far away from their subject and sniping with a long lens.

Here Mallorca Wedding Photographer is giving a few important tips for couples to ensure great candid on their wedding day:

·         Try to live in the moment!

Enjoying your wedding day is vital. Couples are frequently astonished at how quickly the emotional highs and lows pass. Planning is the key to living in the present. With or without timetables, things will still go awry. The challenge is to adapt and be as prepared as possible.

·         Keep your photographer aware of any surprises!

It’s all about the unexpected and random happenings in candid photography. But teasing your photographer about your plans is always welcomed. It improves the chances of being in the right location at the right moment. Those fleeting moments are more likely to be caught perfectly if your photographer anticipates them.

·         Stay calm, controlled, & happy!

Wedding photojournalism hates rushed timeframes. But when time is restricted, individuals can’t simply be themselves and engage with one another without being pressured. Sometimes photographer waits for a shot they envision in their heads to come true. The topic is ready. This takes time. The best candid’s happen in the shuffle while getting ready, walking from the ceremony to cocktail hour, chilling and chatting, during speeches or games.

·         Smile & forget about the camera!

This is perhaps the toughest! Just ignore a camera there, but that’s not how it works. We are all trained to halt what we are doing for the camera. When one is pointing at us, we must be alert. Your ‘posey’ face, phony grin, or even the rabbit-in-the-headlights appearance may be brought out. Try to forget you’re being photographed, even if it’s difficult. Ignore them and let the photographer blend in. It’ll be difficult at first, but gradually easier. It becomes easier as the liquor flows.

 candid wedding photography

Ultimately, plenty of smiles, laughter and even tears will make for fantastic candid images. It’s nice to feel! The most difficult thing to film as a candid wedding photographer is poker-faced couples and guests. Even if you aren’t the most outgoing person, strive to sincerely appreciate the simple things.