Organizing a gala dinner is possibly one of the most formal events you will have to face. Therefore you should know the basic rules of behavior and protocol that you must follow. Here we offer some basic rules for the fabulous gala evening and dinner to go perfect.

You should know that a reasonable time to send the invitations is about 30 days before the event. Enough time to prepare it, both for you and for your guests.

Punctuality is very important once the day of the dinner has arrived. The host at the time of the event must have everything ready and the guest must arrive at the agreed time, because if the delay is a lack of respect, arriving with a lot of time in advance is much worse. The host must give a margin of delay of about fifteen minutes, in which a welcome cocktail or catering can be offered prior to dinner. In general we should try to avoid arriving when all the other guests are already seated at the table.

Dinner Gala

Regarding the decoration, you should think and choose everything very well because it is crucial at the time that the dinner is a success. This is where you must put all your imagination. But if you do not have it clear, you should know that there are companies specialized in this type of events that can help you in everything you want.

The decoration of the table is very important, it must be elegant and not be overloaded. It is important to take into account in the choice of table linen, which must match the tableware. The choice of glassware and cutlery, as well as napkins are also very important, do not neglect it and think carefully when choosing them. It is also highly recommended to put on each table a nice flower center because it will give your table a very elegant touch. The center should not in any way obstruct the view among the guests.

Attitude is very important, whether you are a guest or host. Make your guests feel comfortable and they will always remember the evening pleasantly.

Finally, if you need help, you can always go to an expert company in this type of event.