wedding in a small budget

A wedding is a sweet ending to a new beginning. If you are planning for this wonderful beginning of your life the most unromantic thing you need to think about is your wedding budget. But do remember the budget doesn’t decide how wonderful the wedding was? It is about memories and fun you experience, but still, you need to manage most of the important factors remaining in-budget such as how much do wedding photos cost?

You need to be a little more creative and hard working to plan an affordable wedding. You can do the following things to reduce your wedding expenses:

  • Consider your wedding budget first.
  • Prioritize what you must want and whatnot.
  • You can also become your wedding planner.
  • You can decide on an alternative venue rather than a Banquet Hall.
  • Try a buffet or family-style meal to cut off the expenses of traditional 3 courses, plated meal.
  • Instead of traditional cakes, you can try cake pops or cupcakes.
  • Skip a theme wedding, go with digital invitations, limited wedding registry, and try wedding attire rental store.

But one thing there you never should compromise is wedding photography. Wedding photos are the most precious asset you could have to memorize the wonderful moments of your wedding. But how much do wedding photos cost?

No matter where you plan to wed, as a general opinion, you should devote at least 10% of your wedding budget to photography/videography. Maybe you are thinking for a keen amateur photographer friend who has offered you to capture your big moments but it is best to invest in a professional.

A professional stays focused and never miss someone’s in-a-lifetime moments. There is not an exact figure that you should spend on your photographs, but it depends on how important the photos/video to you. You get what you pay for.