portrait photos to painting


Are you thinking to transform a portrait photo into a fresh handmade oil painting to give as a personalized gift or planning to have a family portrait painting to display in your hallway?

ArtWish is ready to help you!

A commissioned artwork is one of the most valuable things one can own, and it would make a stunning and distinctive addition to your home. With a worldwide network of professional artists, ArtWish is always available to take your portrait picture to another level. ArtWish produces top-quality oil paintings that are effortlessly created from your favorite images by combining the simplicity of online access with a stunning art style. You can have an oil painting of a happy family, cherished people, romantic couple, old or new home, pet, car, or much more.

It’s better than ever to make a world-class artist turn your photograph into an oil painting, and you don’t even have to leave your house! This picture to painting services are completed entirely online and your finished work of art is shipped to your door with care.

The conversion of a digital photograph into a handmade masterpiece with oil paint is a way to create spectacular artwork from your favorite photo. When a professional artist starts working on a portrait following are the steps involve during the conversion of portrait photo to painting:

  • Artist has to decide the following matters:
  • What does he/she want to paint?
  • What is most important and what is least important in a portrait?
  • What is the theme of a picture?
  • Hand-painted portrait requires initial sketching of the given portrait. It is a time taking process that needs the concentration and keen attention of the artist.
  • In the next stage painter starts adding layers of oil to make your dream of converting a portrait into an oil painting, a reality.
  • In the final stages client gets a chance to have a preview of their painting and essential modifications are done according to the requirements of the client.
  • Finally the final product is packed properly and shipped to the client.
  • This masterpiece by artwish.co simply captivates your heart and soul thanks to the vast experience of creative artists.