Easter is just a short while away, which means that gifts are starting to come to mind in terms of what to get for her. Finding inspiration isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve put together a little Easter flavoured list of pressies that she is sure to love and keep her happy through to the next big occasion.

Gifts For Her

Get stuck into our list of our 7 favourite gift ideas for her this Easter.

1. Winery tour

It’s Easter which means holidays – woohoo, it’s time to celebrate and take a load off!!! But you know what’s open on the holidays that is a great activity? Wine tasting! Oh yeah… A winery tour is a great present to give to her for Easter if she’s a wine lover. Take a trip out of the city to the wineries near you, either with a sober driver, or with an organised tour, and get into some adult fun.

2. Bunny & bucket of eggs gift basket

If you are going to be away from her over Easter, then a gift basket that arrives at her door (or work) is a great way that you’re thinking of her even if you can’t be there right now. There are plenty of Easter themed gift baskets available, however a soft toy bunny and a basket full of Easter eggs is always a sure fire winner.

3. Bunny outfit

Who doesn’t love dressing up? If the target of your gift giving loves to dress up, then what’s more awesome for Easter than a bunny outfit? Whether it’s the iconic Playboy bunny sexy look, or a full furry rabbit suit from the costume hire (hilarious), get her an outfit to wear to join in the holiday fun in a big way.

4. Huge stuffed bunny

Is it practical? God no. Is it freaking awesome? Of course it is! A huge stuffed bunny may take up a whole corner of her house, but isn’t it the ideal decoration for Easter – and even year round? You can snuggle up into it, use it as a chair, and if there are kids around they are going to go absolutely bananas if they see a giant stuffed bunny lurking in the house.

5. Weekend away

Don’t let the Easter holidays pass you by. Easter is the ideal for a mini-getaway without having to take extra time off work. Book your Easter getaway with her now before the spots that you want to visit sell out. Head to booking sites like Airbnb or Booking.com to see what’s available and wear that works for your price range and requirements.

6. Basket of her fave chocolates

See, there’s chocolate, and then there’s chocolate. We all have our favourites. You might love yourself some Cherry Ripe but not be a fan of Twirl. Love Salted Caramel Lindt but not Cadbury Crème Eggs. She is the same! Think back about which chocolates she loves and put together your own basket of chocolate that caters exactly to her tastes – you won’t have any leftovers, that’s for sure!

7. Tickets to a show

Whether it’s a concert, a play, or a musical, there is nothing more fun than surprising her with tickets to an awesome night (or day) out. There are plenty of amazing goings on all over the country, so have a look at what’s coming up in your hood. Make it an occasion and go for a meal as well, or coordinate with another couple and make a double date of it. Just make sure that she’ll like the event before hand – don’t surprise her with the opera and then find out she’s not a fan at all!