If the floral decoration is not the most important element in a wedding, it must be admitted that it brings the final touch and contributes strongly to the general atmosphere. Flowers are festive, indispensable and romantic, so even if your budget is quite limited, take the greatest care in choosing your wedding florist Los Angeles.


Flowers for a wedding: Defining your needs

Before you start organizing your wedding, ask yourself how important is to give flowers.
The bouquet of the bride is a must. Then you can make buttonholes and decorate the carsthe church and the reception room. It’s up to you to see how much your budget is. Also ask what style do you want to give to your wedding from solennel, classic, original or country? Once you have defined your needs, you can then start your search. Do not hesitate to “snoop” on the internet to see a little what it is and what are the trends of the moment.

Looking for a florist for a wedding

To find the florist for your wedding, do not skimp on the time spent looking. Check the internet and especially blogs that are full of small and creative florist

s at attractive rates. The wedding directories are also a wealth of information not to be overlooked. The best is still the word of mouth. Ask around, find out from future brides or your acquaintances. There will always be someone to advise you a florist. Be sure! To determine your choice, test the bouquet to the florist that interests you. Ask him to compose a mixed bouquet for you in a modest budget. If he manages to make a pretty bouquet with few means, he has passed the test successfully! If, on the contrary, he just makes you a basic bouquet, go your way and keep searching.

Choosing a florist: a matter of style

To choose a good affordable wedding florist Los Angeles, flick through his portfolio to see his previous creations. Each florist has his own style and may not be appropriate for your wedding. A good florist must be able to advise you on colors, styles, seasonal flowers and bring you solutions adapted to the reception room, your desires and your budget. Ask him also to provide a detailed estimate with the type of flowers selected. Remember that your florist works with a wholesaler and also depends on the flowers available on your wedding day. Do not hesitate to provide him with a list of your favorite flowers and leave it free will for the day. What matters is to respect the style of floral decoration and to have fresh flowers and good quality. For a solemn wedding, prefer lilies and orchids. For a traditional wedding , opt for roses and tulips and for a touch of originality, think of wildflowers, ears of wheat, sunflowers and why not fruits and vegetables!

Variable rates

The budget devoted to flowers for a wedding is generally quite substantial. Between the centerpieces, the bride’s bouquet and the decoration of the church, the amount of the bill climbs very quickly! The rates charged by florists also depend on the date of the wedding and the quality of the flowers. If you choose to get married on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, prices will be higher as wholesalers raise their prices. If flower decoration is not the most important for you, you can save money by reducing the number of flowers. However, the bride’s bouquet is a must and will be present on all photos.
Good to know: In the language of flowers, colors have a symbolism. Yellow is synonymous with light and joy, white reflects purity and perfection, purple represents the depth of feelings and red is synonymous with passion and ardor.