How fast time flies! Christmas Day is approaching, are you get ready to prepare a unique Christmas present? You know everyone like Christmas gift, but how to choose a unique Christmas gift for her? Many of us are still scrambling around trying to choose the perfect gift for a friend or relative, what does she need? What does she want? What can we buy? We can spend hours to ask ourselves these questions.

Firstly, the perfect modern gift would show thoughtfulness, some originality, and ingenuity, overflow with sincere wishes.

There is a Funkysky purse light can meet you gift ideas, this gift for your girlfriend, your mom, your sister, or your crazy aunt, cheers to putting smiles on all their faces.

Funkyksy Purse Light 1

Heart-shaped purse light is so cute and very useful for her, if this sounds like an interesting solution to you, you can choose purse light for them as Christmas gift.


You know many women spend a lot of time to searching keys, lipstick or other items in the handbag. Purse light can solve this problem. Purse light can quickly light up your purse when open bag, automatically light up via sensor. Stop finding, start finding. Never again, spend many minutes going through your handbag to find item. Every women like it.


Christmas Gifts for Moms, Grandma of 2017

Ready to wow your mom this Christmas? Let 2017 be the year you surprise her. Purse light help Moms find what she wants in handbag very quickly. And the light turns off after 15 seconds automatically. Very useful gift, right? She’ll be grateful your gift, makes her everyday life easier.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Christmas is a time for giving, but what do you give to the girlfriend represent your heart?

Funkyksy Purse Light 2

That’s your heart! Yes, purse light in the heart shape, with a sweet super light heart, the “message for your love” is the perfect Christmas gift no matter what her tastes are. She can easily find keys, lipstick in her bag since purse light to light up the whole bag.

Don’t forget to send a sweet kiss with Christmas gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

When you ask wife, what gift do you want? “Oh, I don’t need anything,” your wife says. But you know that isn’t true. She is eager for you to send a useful gift and exclusive gift. Give her a “heart” purse light gift is perfection. To say “ thank you” Come on!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your female boss or female co-workers

If you are an employer and you are to make Christmas gifts to your female co-workers, you could consider a gift that would be useful during her everyday work.

Purse light is your best gift, hang in or clip in her bags with every day, they will remember you and appreciate you.


Enjoy your Christmas; Try it only if you are feeling interesting.

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Merry Christmas