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It’s a time-honored custom for the bride to schedule an extra photo shoot with the photographer, just the two of them, weeks or months before the wedding. Many brides opt to exhibit a huge print from this session at the reception site, where the groom and guests will not see it until the big day.


Photographs taken just of the bride when she is dressed for her wedding are known as bridal photos. These images are captured by a professional photographer (often the same one who will document the wedding day) and sometimes draw inspiration from fashion shoots, with the bride striking traditional, artistic, and sometimes even fashion-forward and dramatic poses to highlight her wedding-day appearance. The happy couple and their friends and family may show these pictures during the reception.

What is the need for a bridal session?

Most engaged couples want to know what a bridal session is for and why they need one. One thing to keep in mind is that your wedding day will never come again. A bridal session is a great way to capture and preserve the joy of your wedding day.


You’ve got a fantastic day planned out. What if there isn’t enough time for photography? Worrying about getting the perfect wedding photos might ruin your big day. All of these issues may be fixed with a bridal session.

Tips to have a perfect bridal session:

There is no compulsion of time. It is always better to schedule a bridal session 3 to 4 weeks before your wedding day. It is an ideal time to have your bridal photoshoot because your outfit will be completely ready to wear.


wedding photography


Lessie, the Black Seattle Wedding Photographer, has shared a few things that may help the bridal sessions go much smoother. Maybe you’d like to try them with your next bridal portrait session.

·         Know your bride:

You must know your way around a camera to take great wedding photographs. Nonetheless, you should spend equal time getting to know your future bride. Find out what she values most about her wedding day look, and play up those features. Tell her that she is more than just another face in a snapshot to you.


Get the bride to relax as much as possible. Compliment her on anything, whether it’s her outfit, hair, shoes, jewelry, or body. She can pick up some of your positive emotions and disposition if you tell her she looks great or exudes confidence. If you want a powerful wedding photo, it helps to have a bride at ease in her skin.

·         Try to create a moment:

As her wedding photographer, it is necessary to explain to the bride how you want her to feel and what you want to capture in the bridal shot. Do you want to render a portrait with a gentle melancholy? Make the bride shut her eyes and think about her future with her husband-to-be together. Although it’s unusual for the bride to experience genuine introspection on her wedding day, it’s not hard to stage the perfect scene to get the perfect shot.

·         Adopt a white sheet trick to save the bridal gown:

Many gowns have lengthy trains that may quickly gather dust and filth. While some brides aren’t too nervous about ruining their wedding dress, the vast majority are. To avoid mishaps, wedding photographers usually lay a white sheet on the floor in front of the backdrop.


wedding photography


After arranging the dress, photographers ask brides to stand on the sheet and gently tuck the sheet under the edges. If any of it does show, it gets blended in with the garment and becomes undetectable. A professional photographer may either have a special “bridal session sheet” on hand for such events or request that the bride bring one with her.