Best dressing tips for a female wedding photographer

What should I wear as a female wedding photographer?


It is the most common question you may think about as a beginner. You won’t be in any photos, but guests will notice the shabby gal running around with the photography equipment. Showing up in a shabby, off-the-rack suit will make you stand out among the sea of tuxedos and gowns.

Being running a wedding photography business, clients expect us to show up on time and dress professionally.


You need to move around quickly and easily without worrying about your outfit getting dirty or torn up. You also need to consider the event you are going to if you are within the dress code or not. Having the perfect outfit for a female wedding photographer Dublin when photographing weddings is essential because it will make your job much easier during the event.

What kind of dressing a couple expects to form a female wedding photographer?

It is almost impossible to foresee what the bride and groom anticipate about the dressing from a female wedding photographer, but the best action is to ask. Knowing the demands and expectations of a couple from a female wedding photographer Dublin during their wedding makes things much more manageable.


Simple, tailored clothing is an excellent choice because it gives off a sharp, professional vibe. Avoid denim, shorts, or anything too casual. But stay dressed up too. Remember, your clothing needs to be practical to move around quickly.

General dressing guidelines for a female wedding photographer:

Here are some general rules for how to dress at any wedding, regardless of location or religious affiliation:


  • For certain religious weddings, men and women have stringent clothing requirements. For a conservative Jewish or Muslim wedding, a female photographer Dublin may be required to wear a dress or even a head covering.
  • As a wedding photographer, it’s your duty to look sharp and professional. You cannot dress in streetwear wearing saggy jeans or t-shirts (especially those with inappropriate sayings or images).
  • Wedding photography is tough, and you’ll likely be climbing ladders and chairs while carrying big stuff. For a female photographer, a slight heel is acceptable, and sneakers can be a good option for a more comfortable experience during outdoor wedding photography.
  • Female photographers should also resist wearing their best sparkling jewels and must lay low on the jewelry.