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Anniversaries are the perfect time to make your special someone feel loved and appreciated. It might have been just a year, or a lifetime; when you know it’s love, time doesn’t matter. Celebrate togetherness with some of these exquisite gifts:

Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Make the woman in your life extra happy this year with these top-rated anniversary gifts:

  1. Jewelry

Jada Pinkett Smith once said, “If I had my way, I’d wear jewelry, a great pair of heels and nothing else.” Sums up what most women think! Jewelry is a signature gift of love and adoration. What makes it an even more awesome gift is that it’s customizable and comes in all forms ranging from antique to modern to handmade. You can even embellish it with birthstones and engravings.

  1. Flowers

No women will ever deny a bouquet of fresh flowers! Roses have forever been the symbol of love. Pair them up with a decorated box of truffles (if your woman likes sweets!) and you have a timeless anniversary gift!

Want your roses to last a long time? Consider buying eternity roses – real blooms made by specialized retailers who guarantee freshness until your next anniversary!

Orchids are another flowering plant that spark joy in women without the passionate edge of a rose. If she’s into decorating her home with plants, a succulent or aloe sapling, maybe even a bonsai (which can last forever!) can be good gifting choices.

  1. Care packages

Women love to pamper themselves, whether it’s a day at the spa or indulging in a nice skin care routine they can perform within the comfort of their home. So go the extra mile to enquire about and purchase good quality skin products from well-known brands. Pay attention to the type of products your girlfriend prefers – like is she sensitive about animal testing? Does she have a favorite brand? Is there any ingredient she’s allergic to when using creams or lotions, or what’s her favorite scent?

And then go ahead and splurge on a basket full of moisturizers, handmade soaps, scrubbers and hand creams!

The most important anniversary for all couples is the first one. If you are stuck and you have no idea what to get you should consider this first anniversary gifts for your girlfriend.

Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Boyfriend

For the man who has everything – he has you! Selecting the right anniversary gift for your boyfriend can be intimidating. But let these insights guide you to make a good choice. Consider buying:

  1. Bar ware

That’s if he drinks, of course! Men really appreciate your interest in spicing up their bar. You can buy engraved cocktail shakers, decanter sets, flute glasses and fancy wine holders. A fantastic gift for men who drink would be a small sample collection of whiskeys from all over the world or a rare wine you can’t get anywhere nearby.

  1. Leather Gifts

Men can never have enough of leather. The material never goes out of fashion and lasts practically forever! Best leather gifts for anniversaries include bi-fold wallets, reversible belts, travel bags, dopp kits, watch cases and jackets.

  1. BBQ Essentials

For the man who loves to show off his culinary skills, consider buying the tools of the trade – BBQ knives, tongs, meat claws, protective gloves or instant-read thermometers. Equip him with the essentials and flair up his interest in this healthy hobby.

Top anniversary gifts for him and her

Some gifting items that appeal equally to both men and women are:

  1. Books

The avid reader can never have enough books! To celebrate love, you can try gifting collections of love poems, Shakespearean sonnets or famous love letters from around the world. A book signed by your partner’s favorite author or a subscription to e-books or reading apps can also make the book nerd with you super happy!

  1. Clothing Ideas

Silk robes, linen trousers, lounge wear, hoodies, lingerie – all are classic anniversary gifts exchanged amongst couples. Winter accessories such as cashmere scarves, fur coats, sweaters and jackets make a strong statement when gifted.

You can also gift luxury items such as silk pillowcases, alpaca throws and sheepskin winter shoes.

  1. For The Home

Something handy yet personal sitting in your partner’s home, reminding them of you is a sure way to get a step ahead in relationships. If he loves coffee, a smart coffee maker that can keep the coffee ready via Wi-Fi right when he wakes up, is a good choice for an anniversary gift. If she works from home a lot, a laptop riser with a cup holder would make a thoughtful yet useful gift.

If your significant other is a big music buff or travels a lot, soundproof headphones, wireless headsets and portable speakers can also do the trick!

Gifting experiences on your anniversary

One thing that never goes out of style or use would be gifting an experience – VIP tickets to a game they love or for the concert of their favorite music icon, or a pass to a festival they’re interested in. Even spending time engaging with things they are passionate about such as working with NGOs or environment agencies – these gifts give us memories that can last for eternity. Bonding together during the course of such activities can also push your relationship in the right direction.

Have you decided what to give your partner for your anniversary? If you’re still confused, just remember that the best gift of all is your time and care.