Wedding Photo

If you are new to the wedding photography profession or you’re an amateur photographer responsible for immortalizing the wedding of a friend, you probably have the pressure and anguish to miss your images on this important day. Not to mention the technical aspects of your shots, we offer here 5 practical tips and offer the bride and groom wedding photography.

Talk to the bride and groom

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, if a couple entrusts you with the realization of their wedding photos, you will first of all have to discuss with the bride and groom.

Ask them about the theme of their wedding and their expectations regarding the photographs. If you are not a loved one, meet them to be more comfortable with your goal on the day.

Take advantage of this meeting to list the essential photos. During a wedding, there are certain important moments that good wedding photographer Edinburgh must seize: the arrival of the newlyweds, the exchange of wedding rings, the signing of the register at the town hall, the kiss of the newlyweds, the release of couple under throwing rice or confetti. But also think about asking the bride and groom what is really important to them.

Find the relatives of the newlyweds

Regardless of the number of guests, the newlyweds will always prefer to have wedding photos with their immediate relatives. And since you will not escape the traditional group photos, it is better to ask the bride and groom to provide you with a list of groups to take, then choose among the guests a person who will call each other as soon as possible and as you go.

Preparation for Photographing

Wedding Photo2

Forgetting to prepare for photographing before the ceremony is a fairly common mistake. However, the bride has often spent several months looking for her dress, the theme and decoration of her wedding etc …

The bride will be delighted that you photograph her being styled, put on makeup and dress for this big day. The preparations are also part of the good memories of a wedding, so do not neglect them!

Open your eyes to capture the details that tell a story, including the wedding table (with champagne, the cake or cake etc.) or the accessories (bouquet and jewelry of the bride).

Make original photos

To diversify your wedding photos a bit, take inspiration from the venue and / or theme of the ceremony to take shots that are off the beaten path.

Your photos should not be the same depending on whether the ceremony is bohemian or vintage, takes place in town, in the countryside or by the sea. To bring life in your images, ask the bride and groom to pose with accessories or just run towards you.

Do not hesitate to trigger

Plan enough batteries and memory cards to take a lot of photographs. Indeed, a couple who asks you for wedding photos would be disappointed if you only offered about twenty.

Do not focus only on the bride and groom. Stay tuned to immortalize certain moments that the bride and groom have missed and especially to capture the emotions of this great day: the smiles and tears of joy of family, children who have fun …

A few days after the ceremony, you will have all the time to sort your images to remove those that are missed (blurred, with grimaces) and select the most successful, that is to say the best framed, best exposed and most moving.